News of the Week (May 14th, 2023)


News of the Week for May 14th, 2023



Dobbs Decision


Peter Singer Compares Abortion to Turning Off a Computer
This is the kind of thinking that results from rejecting the intrinsic moral value of human life. Princeton University bioethicist Peter Singer — who is most famous for secularly blessing infanticide — just compared abortion to turning off a computer.


Gun Rights


Federal judge in Virginia says ban on handgun sales to under-21s is unconstitutional
Second Amendment advocates scored a major victory in federal court on Thursday after a federal judge in Virginia found that the federal prohibition on handgun sales to adults younger than 21 violates their Second Amendment rights.

Supreme Court Roundup: The Supreme Court Should Review and Enjoin the Illinois Gun Ban
On May 1, Justice Amy Coney Barrett directed the State of Illinois and the City of Naperville to respond to the emergency application for injunction pending appellate review filed by the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). As I explained in “An Opening Judicial Salvo in Defense of Illinois’ New Rifle Ban,” the U.S. district court (N.D. Ill.) denied a motion for preliminary injunction against the State’s ban on semiautomatic rifles and standard-capacity magazines, greatly departing from Supreme Court precedent on the Second Amendment.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Granholm’s not good, very bad electrified military plan
You may have already heard about Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s plan to develop and deploy a fully electric American military fleet by the 2030s. And since this is being done to appease the anger of the Climate God, all of the power for these tens of thousands of vehicles will all need to be generated through green energy sources such as wind and solar. We are being assured that this will put us on a solid footing somehow. Well, the good folks at the Institute for Energy Research (who know a few things about electricity generation and related matters) have taken a look at Granholm’s proposal and absolutely panned it for a variety of reasons. We’ll get to the related costs in a moment, but the key factor is reliability. Even if you have never been in combat, served in the military, or even seen a war movie, take a moment to read this and tell me if you don’t find yourself nodding your head in agreement.

Electric Vehicles: Bringing Cuba to Britain
Central planners across the Western world — from the British Conservative Party to the Biden administration — are doing their best to force buyers of new cars to switch to electric vehicles (EVs). But what if consumers prefer to stick with “traditional” cars that are more closely tailored to their needs? Something tells me that, unless regulators get involved — spoiler, they probably will — the afterlife of the internal-combustion engine will last far longer than the planners would like, raising the prospect that, as has been the case in Cuba, another scene of central planning triumph, ancient cars will be driving around for a long, long time.

Dishwashers Are Already Efficient
The Biden administration wants stricter efficiency requirements for dishwashers in an effort to make them greener. It would likely backfire.

Colorado Parents Shouldn’t Allow Their Kids within Miles of These Teachers
The utter dedication of the country’s teachers’ unions to a radical transformation of the U.S. has long been evident, but if you need a refresher, consider the resolution recently adopted in Colorado, declaring that capitalism “exploits” people and harms education. Not a single one of the resolution’s supporters knows Thing One about capitalism, but that doesn’t matter in the least.

After 4 Whales Die in 4 Days, NJ GOP Wants 60 Day Ban on Offshore Wind Farm Construction
As with many of today’s problems, the root cause can be traced back to Biden ill-considered green energy policies.

The Netherlands Plan to Ban Private Jets at Europe’s Fourth Biggest Airport in the Name of Climate Change
Once the elite and glitterati feel some pain, there may be a renewed appreciation for the importance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

How Biden’s New Environmental Rule Could Force Coal and Gas Plants To Shut Down Entirely
EPA’s stringent emission standards mandate use of green tech that ‘doesn’t really exist,’ experts say

RFK Jr Wants to Ban Fertilizers
Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa promised in his 2019 election campaign to transition the country’s farmers to organic agriculture over a period of 10 years.



Government in Healthcare


Texas ‘Futile Care’ Law May Soon Be Less Authoritarian
Texas’s infamous “futile care” law (contained within TADA, the Texas Advanced Directives Act) looks to soon become less authoritarian. Under current law, a patient in the ICU can be cut off from wanted treatment based on the doctor’s perception of his or her quality of life. If the MD thinks the wanted treatment is “inappropriate,” a behind-closed-doors ethics-committee hearing can be called, and if the committee decrees that the treatment will be withdrawn, the patient and/or family has only ten days to find another facility willing to provide the care. There is no appeal process and no written record of who said what and the bases for the decision.

Bioethicists: Euthanasia Okay for ‘Unjust Social Conditions’
Once killing the sufferer becomes a societally acceptable means for ending suffering, there becomes no end to the “suffering” that justifies human termination. We can see this phenomenon most vividly in Canada, because it is happening there more quickly than in most cultures. For example, a recent poll found that 27 percent of Canadians polled strongly or moderately agree that euthanasia is acceptable for suffering caused by “poverty” and 28 percent strongly or moderately agree that killing by doctors is acceptable for suffering caused by homelessness.


War & Terror


U.S. Considering $500 Million Emergency Arms Package for Taiwan, Says Country’s Defense Minister
The Biden administration is in talks with Taiwan’s government about providing a $500 million emergency arms transfer, the island democracy’s defense minister said today.

Air Force Diversity Pilot Program Not Only Failed, It Likely Violated Its Own Non-Discrimination Policies
Air Force reportedly restructured pilot training class to promote non-whites, but what do you do when the numbers, despite your best efforts, still don’t meet the perceived diversity goals?

U.S. says it has disabled major Russian cyberespionage operation
The operation allegedly had been running for nearly 20 years, stealing sensitive materials from the U.S. and its allies

Time for US, Japan to Make Case for Adding South Korea to Group of Seven Nations
As the global economy faces growing, complex challenges on multiple fronts, the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations needs to be reinvigorated to remain credible and relevant. South Korea is a fitting pivot for the much-needed regeneration of the G-7.

Japan is in talks to open a NATO office as Ukraine war makes world less stable, foreign minister says
Japan is in talks to open a NATO liaison office, the first of its kind in Asia, the country’s foreign minister told CNN in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made the world less stable.

China Says U.S. Plans to Deploy ‘Genetically Engineered Weapons’ against ‘European Aryans’ and Other Races
Chinese foreign-ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin made the ridiculous claim, which featured this curious choice of language about “Aryans,” in a press briefing this week. His team apparently saw fit to boost that messaging on Twitter

U.S. Accuses South Africa of Secretly Arming Russia
The U.S. said that it’s “confident” that South Africa has armed Russia through secretive ammunition shipments.

UK sending long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, says defence minister
Britain donating arms capable of striking targets in occupied Crimea as Kyiv prepares counteroffensive against Russia

The Plot to Steal the Other Secret Inside a Can of Coca-Cola
Shannon You was a good chemist, a bad colleague—and a thief. When she tried to use the $120 million technology she stole, she got played.

State Department Not Protecting U.S. Ambassador Who Revealed Russia Arms Shipments: Senator
The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has accused the State Department of not having the back of the American diplomat who revealed that South Africa had provided arms to Russia’s military late last year.

Islamized Belgium: Muslim Students Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attack School ‘LGBTQIA+ Event’ (Video)
On Thursday, the “LGBTQIA+” community in Belgium suffered a violent attack by teenage Muslim students from The Atlas College in Genk. The Islamic attack occurred at an International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) event held at the school.

The Russian Air Force had a very bad day
Saturday was not a good day to be a pilot flying combat missions near the Ukrainian border. In a set of attacks that were described as having taken place “almost simultaneously,” Russia had four aircraft shot down out of the sky. A fifth aircraft crashed later the same day. Ty Rogaway at The Drive reports that the four initial losses were two helicopters and two fighter jets. The craft were two Mi-8 Hip helicopters, a Su-34 Fullback strike fighter, and a Su-35 Flanker-E. There were no survivors from the crashes. But questions remain as to who actually brought them all down. (More on that in a moment.) But the remarkable part of the story is that none of the aircraft even made it into Ukrainian airspace. They all came down inside Russia’s borders.

Florida man charged with setting off explosive device in Capitol tunnel during Jan. 6 riot
Daniel Ball of Homosassa is the only Jan. 6 defendant charged with setting off an explosive device during the attack on the Capitol.




A Disaster the Size of Multiple Katrinas Is Building Off Washington’s Coast
The Coast Guard is the first line of defense against a massive tsunami. Will it also be an early victim?

Teachers union resolution: Capitalism ‘exploits children, public schools’
The Colorado branch of the National Education Association recently was offered a resolution which states it believes capitalism “requires exploitation of children [and] public schools.”

Many schools going to 4-day weeks
It’s like the people behind public schools are finally admitting that the point of the enterprise is to funnel money to Leftist causes and pretty much nothing else.

Texas school district hid sexual assault of 6-year-old
Students at a Plainview, TX Elementary School won’t be going to class on Monday. The South Elementary School is being closed temporarily due to teachers claiming to feel threatened.

Private Security Guards Are Replacing Police Across America
Andre Boyer enters the gas station like a soldier—back straight, boots shined, AR-15 pointed towards the floor. He’s late to meet me, he says, because his employee caught a shoplifter and he needed to sort through red tape. He seems unaware of the flutter of anxiety spreading through the store as customers see his weapon, handcuffs, and bulletproof vest. But if anyone asked, which they don’t, he’d assure them that he’s there for their own good, even though it’s hard to be relaxed in the presence of a loaded gun.

From DeSantis to A’s, highlights from first months of Lombardo’s calendar
After his first State of the State address in January, Gov. Joe Lombardo responded to a reporter’s question about what the new Republican governor was most looking forward to with an answer that’s since been embraced by his political supporters.

Communists Love Free Enterprise
Of all living Americans, Angela Davis may have the most disgraceful history. She is a Communist–her description, not mine; she was twice the Communist Party’s candidate for vice president, and was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize by the Soviet Union. She once participated in the murder of a judge in California. She was acquitted of the crime by a biased jury, but there was never any serious doubt about her guilt: the murder and associated crimes were perpetrated with her guns.

Texas School District Failed to Tell Parents After First Grade Boys Allegedly Force Girl to Perform Sex Act, Filmed on iPad
The girl’s parents “only caught on after a change in the girl’s behavior.” The district never contacted the family.

Vermont Republican Governor Signs Law Banning “Paramilitary Training”
Guess the Vermont legislature and governor forgot the state’s history with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.

UT Austin tells students to use ‘wimmin’ instead of the word ‘women’
“Wimmin: A nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending in ‘-men,'” read the university glossary before it was removed from the website.

After Tucker Carlson Exits Fox News, Advertisers Start to Return to 8 p.m. Slot
Tucker Carlson is out at 8 p.m. on Fox News Channel, and the network hopes that a host of blue-chip advertisers that for years avoided his controversial hour will soon come back in.

‘Galactic Wokeness?’
Almost all notable science journals promote progressive ideology, and Nature — perhaps the world’s most prestigious science journal — is one of the worst of these propagandizers. The publication recently provided a platform to equity advocate Erika Nesvold, co-founder of JustSpace Alliance, who advocates “for a more inclusive and ethical future in space.”

California launches new snitch hotline to report ‘hate acts’ and ‘hate incidents’ — including ‘name calling’
California has launched a new hotline for residents to report “hate acts.”

House version of Texas drag ban bill strips mention of drag queens ahead of next debate
A bill pitched as a way to ban children from drag shows will no longer include language specifically targeting performers who dress as the opposite sex, The Dallas Morning News has learned.

MTV News Shutting Down After 36 Years
“What launched as a single show in 1987 (The Week in Rock, led by correspondent Kurt Loder) eventually became a bona fide news outlet for Gen X and older millennials”

Rep. George Santos in Custody, Faces Federal Charges Including Theft of Public Funds
A federal grand jury indicted him on 13 total federal charges.

Carlson was told by a member of the Fox board that he was taken off the air as part of the Dominion settlement, per Tucker’s legal team
The revelation comes as Tucker Carlson has launched a new exclusive show on Twitter.

McConnell to CNN: He’s working hard not to “screw up” the 2024 races
Senators Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines have the 2024 elections in focus. McConnell told CNN’s Manu Raju that he is trying hard not to “screw up” the 2024 elections as the 2022 elections were screwed up. Specifically, candidate recruitment takes priority. The GOP has a good shot at taking back the majority in 2024 if all goes well. We know from experience, though, that Republicans have a real talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Crenshaw is a ‘no’ vote on the House Republican border security bill
Not all Republicans are on board with the House border security bill. There are disagreements about some of the provisions or lack of provisions, in the bill. In the case of Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), “glaring problems” have arisen with the bill due to a lack of action detailed in the bill against Mexican drug cartels.

Jury finds man charged with threatening Nevada election workers not guilty
A Las Vegas man who was charged with making threatening phone calls to state election officials in the aftermath of the 2020 election has been found not guilty by a jury.

Virginia Leftists Secretly Plotted To Guard Democrats From Trans Rape Fallout
The aide to a Northern Virginia school board chairman, a Satanist, a campaign staffer for a Soros-backed prosecutor, a consultant for a Democrat sheriff candidate, and a local reporter were part of a secret clique that plotted to shield Democrats from backlash over the school system’s coverup of a transgender rape, The Daily Wire has learned.

ACLU NV Threatens Lawsuit Against Douglas County School District
Lawsuit expected if Board of Trustees adopts policy to protect gender-specific sports and spaces from transgender students

Suing the FBI for the Tennessee shooter’s manifesto
It’s now been well over a month since transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale shot and killed six people including three children in a Christian school in Tennessee. Initial statements from the police indicated that the shooter had left behind a suicide note and a “manifesto,” along with other documents. But unlike other mass shootings, the FBI kept the documents from the public while they were conducting their investigation. On April 27, the Nashville Police said they were nearly finished and anticipated releasing the documents to the media. But now the FBI has turned around yet again and refused to do so. This week, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is taking the FBI to court in an effort to compel them to give up the manifesto.

Flesh-eating ‘zombie drug’ saturating Los Angeles streets, officials say
A flesh-eating “zombie drug” called xylazine has been saturating the streets of Los Angeles with severe, deadly effects when mixed with illicit opioids.

SCOTUS Chooses California Over Pork Producers and Bacon Consumers (and Issues Four Other Opinions Too)
The Supreme Court issues five merits opinions, but there are still forty more waiting.

Gay professor placed on leave for sharing chocolate that affirms biology of sex, he says
David Richardson already suing community college district for punishing him for using “Do, Re, Mi” as preferred gender pronouns in mandatory seminar.

Queer math camp…without the math
A math camp without…math. Sure, if math comes up they’ll talk about it. But really, “queer” kids, that’s up to you! The point is that you “queeries” get to express your identity!

Marine veteran will be charged in death of Jordan Neely
When I wrote about this story last week I suggested that the Marine veteran who put Jordan Neely in a chokehold that resulted in his death might wind up being charged with second-degree manslaughter. Today we’re learning that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Drag queen who testified to ‘protect’ trans kids in Texas Senate offers sexual services online
The drag queen who testified at the Texas Capital last week on the importance of protecting the wellbeing of kids during a Senate hearing for SB12 and SB1601, has been unmasked for offering illegal sexual services online. Maxine LaQueene, 26, who told the Senate he wanted to “protect children,” went viral days laters after being detained by police during a trans rights protest at the Capitol building in Austin.

The Government’s War on Order and Self-Defense
While all sensible people recoiled against the “defund the police” nonsense of the left, the late Angelo Codevilla noted in his classic 1997 book The Character of Nations that our law enforcement bureaucracy was turning perverse in many ways.

A hiring bonus of $3,000 for teaching positions filled by black, indigenous, and people of color spread out over two years.
The Cedar Rapids Community School District is launching a new recruitment campaign to bring in more qualified teachers of color, and special education teachers.

AG says Nevada will not bring charges against GOP ‘fake electors,’ urges law change
Attorney General Aaron Ford said Thursday that his office will not bring charges under existing state laws against the six Republicans who in 2020 falsely pledged Nevada’s electoral votes to former President Donald Trump, despite him losing the election to President Joe Biden, meaning there will not be a state prosecution of the so-called “fake electors.”

State Bar investigating Justin Jones over deleted Red Rock texts
The Nevada State Bar has launched an investigation into Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones for the deletion of text messages relating to a long-running legal dispute over the development on Blue Diamond Hill.

SanFran BART has #sadz, “Why nobody ride our trains?”
We’ve been cataloguing the woes, trials and self-inflicted tribulations of San Francisco pretty routinely here. John had a great piece just Wednesday on their very real Doom Loop and I’ve done several myself, mostly concerning the state of their commercial real estate collapse, but there’s, sadly, a lot of material to work with and wonder over.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Sidewalks to nowhere, vitriolic deliberations, and precedential nonprecedents.

Minnesota Senate restores pro-pedophile language in public safety bill
I while back I wrote about how the Democrats in Minnesota, led by Representative Leigh Finke, were stripping language that prevented pedophiles from being recognized as a protected class under Minnesota’s Human Rights laws.

WCSD Sued For Violating Parental Constitutional Rights
The District adopted Regulation 5161 which prohibits school staff from notifying parents of their child’s change in gender identity, sexual orientation, pronouns, and transgender status

Democrats Propose Universal School Meals Program Act to End ‘School Lunch Shaming’
Who is paying for the meals? The bill is pretty vague.

Mail delivery halted for many in South Seattle
Some south Seattle residents are claiming a significant ‘mail fail’ is occurring as the United States Postal Service (USPS) has halted mail delivery due to a rise in recent vandalism and theft.

Academics Who Can’t Tolerate Dissent
Over history, the commitment to freedom of speech is rare. For most of human history, elites who are certain they know the truth have held sway over everyone else, and woe betide anyone who dared to disagree. For a few centuries in the liberal parts of the world, free speech became the norm, but now the pendulum is swinging back, led by academics who want to silence criticism of their anointed visions (to borrow from Thomas Sowell).

Word “Family” Unacceptable To Radical San Francisco Berniecrats, a Right-Wing “Common Dog Whistle”
Jordan Davis, a trans-identified male on the Democratic County Central Committee, objects to the word “family” because “it’s a common dog whistle on the right.”


Economy & Taxes


The Washington Post Forgets about the Cost of Auto Regulations
The Washington Post published a report in its Sunday issue detailing the increased price of automobiles Americans are experiencing. A new vehicle purchase now averages $48,000 . . . a gobsmacking figure.

New York City Dumping Asylum Seekers on the Suburbs
Big blue cities have an almost limitless capacity for alienating their neighbors because of the inherent unsustainability of their own policies. The suburbs have to live with the consequences of policies they don’t get to vote on. Inevitably, this produces periodic backlashes. Witness the latest turn in the debate over illegal immigrants and unadjudicated asylum seekers.

Bud Light contagion SPREADS to other Anheuser-Busch beers: Sales of troubled brand fell 21.4% in April and total numbers for parent company fell 12% – as star of controversial ad Dylan Mulvaney steps out wearing pigtails
Competitors Yuengling and Miller Light rose more than 12 percent each, with Coors Light rising 10.9 percent. Global CEO of Anheuser-Busch Michel Doukeris blamed ‘misinformation and disinformation’ for the online backlash. Budweiser was also hit with the knock-on effect of the controversy by dipping 11.5 percent

Canada Has Entered A Per Capita Recession, Quality of Life Expected To Erode
Canada’s expected to fall into recession later this year, but it may already be there by a traditional definition. Real gross domestic product (GDP) per capita data shows the country is in a per capita recession, one of the traditional definitions. These events are associated with an eroding standard of living, and it’s expected to get worse. Not just in the near term, but it’s turning into a long-term issue.

Exhibit 3,021: Millions wasted on US govt IT due to poor oversight, audit finds
$24M was paid out incorrectly – and that’s just from a close look at 5 out of 48 orders under ENCORE III

Gov. Newsom Announces California Budget Deficit Bigger than Projected
Remember when Newsom went to Florida to bash Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is having the last laugh, as his budget includes proposed tax breaks for Floridians.




Chileans Elect Right-Wing Council to Draft New Constitution
The peso strengthened and the stock market rose as investors expect a new constitution to maintain Chile’s market-friendly model

Science is imploding
Anybody who has been following the actual scientific research and debates about climate already knows that the enterprise is hopelessly compromised by politics.

When Irish mouths are gagged: A new era of secular blasphemy law in Éirinn
When Ireland voted out its blasphemy law five years ago in a constitutional referendum, advocates celebrated it as an example of freedom and enlightenment. So what are we to make of a new effort by progressives to criminalize so-called “hate speech,” in a bill so broad that it effectively amounts to a secular blasphemy law?

AMLO confirms fentanyl shipments are coming from China
Down in Mexico, President Andres Lopez-Obrador has confirmed what most of us knew.

Imprisoned dissident women in Cuba denounce systematic sexual abuse and torture by prison staff
These denunciations by Cuban women who have been raped and tortured in Castro, Inc.’s prisons are nothing new. Abuses of this sort have been an integral part of the dictatorships modus operandi for sixty four years, three months, and ten days.

‘Nonsense’ guidance bans calling criminals convicts or ex-cons
Prison officers warned against using the words amid fears of ‘fashionable’ and ‘hyper-liberal’ theories

The Daily Chart: Chile Reverses Course—Will the U.S. Follow?
Chile has dodged a bullet from the left. As the Wall Street Journal notes in an editorial today, Chilean voters a few days ago delivered a landslide victory to a center-right coalition, and repudiated the far left that had prevailed in a previous election which then proposed a radical constitutional revision that Chilean voters rejected in a landslide in a referendum.




Virtue Signaling, Not Science
The vast majority of American educational institutions have succumbed to the “anti-racism” craze, making proclamations and adopting policies that are supposed to advance “equity.” They don’t have any beneficial effects, but failing to adopt them risks trouble with hyper aggressive wokesters.

Parents to Blame for Carless, Sexless Teenagers
Much has been written about the American teenager’s cooling passions for the similarly tactile diversions of driving and sexual intercourse. Parents, and their willingness to facilitate the lives of their teens while overprotecting their children’s bodies at the cost of their minds, are at least partially to blame. Kids have never been less risk-averse, indicating a shift toward timidity; we should deny it a foothold on our shores.

Some Critical Thinking about ‘Equity’
Over the last few years, the Left has gone all in for “equity,” by which they mean coercive policies that will ensure fairness for all social groups. That old liberal stuff about equal opportunity — well, that’s just cover for white privilege.

Our Profoundly Unserious Moment
On the menu today: A smorgasbord of offerings, looking at what Americans think are the most important problems facing the country, why Joe Biden thinks the public is primarily worried about delayed fights and airline fees, and the ridiculously bad choice the American electorate is being forced into as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

Our Profoundly Unserious Moment
On the menu today: A smorgasbord of offerings, looking at what Americans think are the most important problems facing the country, why Joe Biden thinks the public is primarily worried about delayed fights and airline fees, and the ridiculously bad choice the American electorate is being forced into as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

One Meme is Worth a Thousand Pictures

RFK, Jr. Is Crazy
Many conservatives, including me, have hailed Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s entry into the presidential race. There is no way Kennedy can win the Democratic nomination, but if he gets a little traction, it may open the door to other challengers and precipitate the decrepit Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the race.

Are English Departments Really Dying?
A closer look at the numbers reveals a more subtle story.

Tucker Carlson Is Lying to You
But hey—you might just like it!

The Territoriality Principle Without a Clause
A brief comment on National Pork Producers v. Ross

The Death of Women and the Death of Men
I had a few spare minutes today and had time to meet my wife for lunch. I overheard a nearby diner ask his friend “Would you like to split a ribeye?” What man splits a ribeye? If you are going to do that, just order off the children’s menu, get a soft drink with a lid on top, and grab some crayons so you can draw pictures on the placement. His friend declined since he was ordering the fish and chips and a glass of Cabernet.

The ‘bounty hunter’ wrongs of California’s Civil Rights Department
The California Civil Rights Department (CRD), formerly known as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, was established in 1959 to protect workers’ civil rights through conciliation, mediation, and settlement. However, over the years, the agency has lost sight of its purpose, leaving in its wake ever-growing numbers of devastated businesses and workers.

How Did Justice Gorsuch Lose A Majority In National Pork Producers?
Thomas assigned the majority to Justice Gorsuch, but he couldn’t hold five all the way.

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