Leviathan’s Parents

Meanwhile, in the Nevada Legislature…

     We have known for a long time that the hardcore statist Left believe that children belong to the state and that only Leviathan should raise them. But even that these days that isn’t enough… now one Nevada Democratic legislator openly pines for the ability to legislate what the parents themselves do!

“Liberal state lawmaker Daniele Monroe-Moreno, who was elected Nevada Democratic Party chair in March, made the comment during a Wednesday committee hearing on a GOP-led school choice bill. Monroe-Moreno defended Las Vegas area public schools—which in 2021 ranked second-worst in the nation—by dismissing criticism of the schools as misplaced “parent input” that she wished she could stifle through legislation.

“‘All my kids went through the public school system in Clark County, and people can say what they want about CCSD—we have some amazing educators in CCSD, and they did a great job with my kids and others,’ Monroe-Moreno said. ‘And a lot of it is parent input. I wish I could legislate what parents do, but I cannot. Had to say that.’”

     Is there anything beyond Leviathan’s grasp?

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