What Is Allowed And What Isn’t, By This They Shall Be Known

     Purported “book bans” are all the social justice rage these day. So much so that one of the newly sworn in members of the Central Buck school board swore on… a stack of “banned books”.

“Smith stood out at the Dec. 4 reorganization meeting as she took her oath of office with her hand placed on top of six frequently banned and challenged books. Smith, who would be named president of the board, and the other Democrats on the board have long cried foul as the former GOP-majority forged ahead with controversial library policy that critics said was a defacto book ban.”

     Ah yes, books so banned that the board member was free to bring them in and swear her oath on them.

     Notice the weasel words.   In fact no book was banned. One book was removed from a display due to a political/social neutrality policy and was returned the next day.   One book was opposed because it had sexually explicit material. Other books were included by the school board member simply because an anti-Woke parents group opposed them.

     Oh, but it’s all about being against censorship and not banning any view or belief, right?

     Compare and contrast books that many parents find objectionable to be given to young children with this school in Colorado that literally banned the “Straight Pride” flag while flying the “Progress Pride” flag.

“A Colorado father is suing the state’s largest school district, claiming staff refused to let him display a ‘straight pride’ flag alongside the Progress Pride flags on view throughout his children’s Denver school.

“Nathan Feldman argues his children are being barred from exercising their freedom of speech in a case of viewpoint discrimination.

“Feldman’s lawyer, Michael Yoder, blamed equity policies like Denver’s for ‘the overt sexualization of content in elementary schools nationwide.’ Progress Pride flags and gender identity books geared toward young children encourage students to ask about them and foster one-sided conversation around inappropriate topics in the classroom, he said.”


     Sadly, this isn’t hypocrisy, but rather the intolerance exploiting the tolerance of others.

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