Woke Indoctrination Has Already Been Immanentized

     A recent article over at Reason Magazine has highlighted a disturbing trend of wokeness, when it comes to Critical Race Theory becoming more accepted at younger ages, with the youngest adults (“Gen Z”) supporting the idea that White people are oppressors by a 4:1 margin with a majority saying that this ideology is helpful to society.

     How did we get there? The long march through our institutions combined with a subtle strategy to change, through these institutions, the underlying principles and mores of society, while letting superficial normalcy remain until society has been hollowed out and that superficial normalcy swept away and a new normal replacing it that better fits in with the new structural principles of society.

     In other words, while most people weren’t paying attention, the pillars of society were demolished carefully enough that the thin facade of “normalcy” remains so as to not spook the hoi polloi, and children indoctrinated in how to think such that they didn’t directly challenge what had bee normal until it was more explicitly challenged. So challenged, they generations, indoctrinated not only in schools starting over half-a-century ago, but also by the true believers who wormed their way into institutions and used our societies venerable tolerance to push their totalitarian intolerance to accelerate this wicked ideology. With this new way of thinking came new definitions for old terms, and new terms that sounded innocuous (e.g. “diversity, equity, and inclusion”), which, with a Motte & Bailey set-up, fundamentally changed how people think in a way that would make IngSoc of the world of Orwell’s “1984” seem jealous.

     And those older generations who were not so indoctrinated from such a young age are helpless to do anything. Increasingly, the very fundamental values of our society, in their eyes, were ignored as they focused in on their own sense of “normalcy” as the sole and utter defense, as if it were the default of mankind that could be restored by only sweeping away the non-normal by calling it non-normal. Ah, oblivious they are who try to win arguments with a buggy whip of reason!

     The argument against wokeness is based on the superficial sense of normalcy of the non-woke. But that is an argument doomed to failure when their normalcy conflicts with the woke normalcy that is more consistent with what they were taught in schools, media, &c.. Forced to choose, they will go with the “normalcy” that fits with the hidden assumptions and new “pillars” upon which they grew up.   This can be seen with same-sex marriage which people opposed because it wasn’t normal for them… until it became normal to the point where returning the definition of marriage to being between a man and a woman is unthinkable. Heck, even the very definition of “man” and “woman” is becoming woke because every facet of society filtered through the marched-through and occupied institutions was consistent with “gender identity” and “biological sex” being two orthogonal things (unless “gender affirming” surgery, i.e. mutilating and sterilizing children, is invoked).

     So, too, have children been taught to view things through a Cultural Marxist lens and to support opposing “oppressors” by any means necissary. “Four legs good; two legs bad” writ large.

     So, aside from “normalcy”, what substantive belief or understanding is there to oppose the now dominant wokeness? The only real arguments your humble author has seen is religious arguments.   However, such argument automatically concede anyone and everyone who is not already so thoroughly infused with the ideology of that particular interpretation of religious texts.

     Wokeness and Cultural Marxism is a religious belief system, even if non-thiestic. You can not successfully challenge a religion with another when the social mores and new pillars of society are closer to Wokeness than to your particular interpretation of your faith. Even then, how much of that religious belief less informing of one’s sense of normalcy, than informed by it. This is a question one must delve into for oneself, but for most people, perhaps, religious texts are interpreted as a bulwark for their already held worldview as a substitute for having no other organized philosophical lens through which to view society.

     This is a case of, as Sun-Tzu might see it, knowing neither the enemy nor oneself.

     Thus we are now in a position where the barbarians that would tear down our culture are already here and poised to immanentize their eschaton of wokeness.

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