The Rise Of Trans-Speciesism

     There was a time when people who believed that they were an animal like a deer, both in real life as well as that hellhole known an Tumblr, were considered crazy. Comparisons between such people and those who claim to be transgender by people who pointed out that if biological reality wasn’t real when it came to chromosomes… than it also wasn’t real with it also came to chromosomes, was roundly mocked by transgender activists as a false equivalence rather than a slippery slope. It turns out that that slope actually was on the slippery side after all.

     Students who identify as animals not only exist, but the schools have the documentation to show that.

“A records request discovered 196 documents at Ann Arbor Public Schools about ‘therians’ – students identifying as ‘a species of non-human animal on every level except physical.’

“The students show their animal identity by wearing masks, a tail and running around on four limbs called “quadrobics.”

“On Nov. 15, 2022, a Howell Public Schools teacher wrote that a student identified as a therian. ‘Know what that means?’ the email asked another teacher, who replied ‘No.’ The district serves about 6,800 students.

“One student emailed therian items the person wanted to buy on Amazon with an ‘allowance’ including animal masks, fox ears, cat ears and a tail.


“Documents obtained explain the following terms:

  •    Kitluvollic: a gender relating to kittens, pink, love and dolls.
  •      Animagauditraitic: a gender related to being excited and happy, but in an animalistic way (like a dog spinning and jumping around when they see their owner.’
  •    Wizcatgender: a gender related to being a wizard and a cat.

  •    Traitblur: a label for being unable to differentiate your identity from your interests.
  •     Starwashic: this gender feels like stars washing up on a beach
  •    Prettygender: a new xenogender based off of feeling pretty or beautiful, comfort with one’s gender…’”

     At least schools aren’t teaching bestiality… oh, wait.

“Riverland-based SA school students were exposed to teachings on bestiality through a government-funded sex education program by HeadSpace.

“Bypassing normal protocols for parental permission, the program delivered to year 9 girls on ‘LGBTQIA+ and respectful relationships’ included graphic discussions on bestiality and incest, making some students so uncomfortable that they left for the bathroom and did not return.”

     And yes, the topic of bestiality was “raised in comparison to historicial vilification of homosexuality”.

     When even students, who have been indocrinated by public school most of their lives think you’ve gone so far that even outright furries think things have gone to far, then maybe the schools have gone way too far.

“In recent years there has been a lot of controversy about just how far schools have gone to accommodate so-called “furries” in the schools. There have been rumors of litterboxes in bathrooms and similar idiocies, but they have always been denied.

“Given how ‘too good to check’ these stories have been, I have refrained from writing about them. Photos or it didn’t happen.

“But nothing says ‘something has gone very wrong’ like students complaining that things have gotten TOO weird. Students have been indoctrinated to tolerate almost any sort of ridiculous behavior, so when they get fed up we should probably listen.

“School officials deny there is a problem, but they are even more indoctrinated than students. They are all about tolerating anything as long as it can be described as seriously mentally ill by normal people. If someone isn’t mentally ill they will work diligently to get them there.


“[W]hen hundreds of them sign petitions demanding that school officials crack down on insanity, the complaints ring true. When actual furries who get interviewed in bizarre costumes agree with them—if actual furries think the kids have a point—the school officials look like the ones bending the truth.”

     But this is the natural outcome of denying biological reality. And yes, trans-speciesism is part and parcel of the LGBTQ&c. ideology, as we can see below.

     Once you reject objective reality, there are no limits.

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