If You Think You Are A Deer, Please Seek Help

     If you have the insatiable need to dress and use prosthetics to feel more like your true deer-self as a deer-kin, please seek help.

     Sadly, thinking that you are not only a deer, but a queer deer, seems to be a thing…

     Now, it turns out that this young girl received quite a bit of criticism, and felt the need to respond:

This is exactly why I don’t show my true feelings to other people. They dismiss and demean them because they are “Not normal.” I know in this incarnation that I am human, and that I am having trouble letting go of my past lives as animals. And I have been to therapists, and have been diagnosed with many different disorders, but no matter what medicine they give me, or how many psychiatric hospitals I go to, and no matter how long I stay, I still feel the calling of the deer trapped inside of me. And I can’t keep ignoring it. This is just who I am. And as long as I don’t hurt anyone I don’t see what the problem is.

     While there are some people who just like harassing others, most people who would point out the obvious that she is not a deer do not do so out of hatred. There are two types of “true believers” amongst “otherkin”: Those who are attention whores who feel the need to demand everyone validate their insanity by ranting and raving, and those confused souls who just need emotional support. This particular young lady seems like the later. But the worst thing we could do is validate her belief that she is a deer. Clearly, she is troubled. Your humble author is not one to fully diagnosis this young lady, but her believing herself to be a deer seems to be simply a coping mechanism for something deeper.

     I do not hate this girl. I actually hope she gets the helps she needs. But pointing out reality, rather than feeding into delusions, is a necessary first step for her to get help.

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