#MathJustice and the Fiscal Fantasy of Social Justice Warriors

     A core axiom of the Left is that society is always designed and that things are a certain way because the state deemed it so.  Society, being but the ultimate tabula rasa, is manipulated, in this view, like so many knobs and dials.  If college students have debt or have to pay tuition, than this must obviously be due to the man (AKA, the “Kyriachy”) oppressing the students.

     Why, under this view, the state could just dismiss all debt and somehow let these precious little snowflakes form a home on college campuses (not, notably, anything having to do with an intellectual space).

     The lack of intellectual rigor can be clearly seen by a spoiled brat (and liar) Social Justice Warrior from Yale clearly thinks that mathematical reality is just a social construct, even after her idiocy is calmly dismantled.

     Clearly mathematics is oppressive, necessitating #MathJustice!!1!


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