Children, Critical Theory, and Decolonizing Sexuality

     A group called “The School of No Big Deal” comprising of two women by the names of Poussy Draama and Fannie Sosa, have put together what is arguably the most disturbing video regarding teaching sexuality this side of kiddy pr0nz.  From their definition of the video:

“‘baby, love your body’ is a tv show for kids created by poussy draama and fannie sosa. this is a platform to exchange thoughts on how to talk to children about sexuality, consent, respect and compassion. our belief is that decolonisation and critical thinking needs to be a language we speak with our kids from the beggining. let’s create body positive narratives for children together!”

     The video, while legal with neither actual children nor actual nudity, is definitely NSFW… as are most of the links in this post.

     As much as it would be a comfort to invoke Poe’s Law and dismiss this as parody (abet a completely insane parody that nonetheless indicts the bat-s**t insane loonies who put it together), it appears to be legit, with the Puffington Host going so far as to demand for “Poussy Draama”: “Someone give this lady an MD. Stat.”.

     Poussy Draama and Fannie Sosa seem to have worked together on other projects (including twerking teaching sessions).

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