Quick Takes – Racist Parliament, Racist Facebook, Racist West

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Racist! You’re all racist!!1!

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Australia’s parliament is somehow racist because it has a lot of White people:

“For a long while since the invasion of this continent, the narrative was either keeping people down – the First Peoples – or keeping them out – non-Anglo culturally diverse peoples. Where are we today? Assimilation into the dominant oppressor narrative is the only passage and reward for those who in Australia’s modernist racist past were kept out. Whiteness sadly remains the stricture despite this nation’s appearance of multicultural blend – of citizens from more than 180 nations, from hundreds of cultures and despite more than a quarter of the nation’s population born overseas.


“The makeup of Australia’s parliament is racist. Let us look at the federal parliaments – the House of Representatives and the Australian Senate – 226 representatives. Forget that some were born overseas, the statistical narrative that says it all is the one about the Whiteness of our Australian parliaments – 213 lay in this category, with the rest – 13 – arguably not. You could not bleach our Australian parliaments more ‘White’.”

     This isn’t the first time that democracy is decried when it doesn’t result in a pre-approved result.

     Of course, the real world isn’t the only space declared racist…

     Do not fear!  Mark Zuckerberg is here… to censor and “correct” politically incorrect posts:

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over incendiary posts on the social network, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, amid complaints from her government about anti-immigrant posts in the midst of Europe’s refugee crisis.

“On the sidelines of a United Nations luncheon on Saturday, Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, the publication reported.

“The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that ‘we need to do some work’ on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. ‘Are you working on this?’ Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.”

     Funny how all those Leftists who decry the “corporate state” and businesses running government don’t mind it when it is a “socially conscious” company oppressing a common enemy.

     And what an enemy it is…

     Somehow the West is considered uniquely evil, with not one else guilty of conquest, colonialism, rape, murder, arson, and rape:

“Again, one can question the wisdom of trying to create Western nation-states and political orders in a region still intensely tribal, with a religion in which the secular nation is an alien import. That incompatibility continues to be an ongoing problem nearly a century later, as we watch the failure of nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the hopes of the Arab Spring dashed in the violence and disorder of the Arab Winter.

“But whatever the sins of the Europeans in the Middle East, colonialism is not one of them. The misuse of the term may sound trivial, but it legitimizes the jihadist narrative of Western guilt and justified Muslim payback through terrorist violence, now perfumed as ‘anticolonial resistance.’ It reinforces what Middle East scholar J.B. Kelly called the ‘preemptive cringe,’ the willingness of the West to blame itself for the region’s problems, as President Obama did in his 2009 Cairo speech when he condemned the ‘colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims.'”

     Yes… rape was said twice…


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