When Your Mom Is A Deer

     It is easy to laugh at other-kin.  Though they may bring grief to their family, they are hurting no one but themselves.  However, sometimes their mental illness hurts their own children.

     At least the Grandparents are sane.

     Where is the kid’s father?  ‘Twould seem that “Emily” is in a lesbianic relationship with an “Alice”.  Whodathunkit, the deer is queer!

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8 Responses to When Your Mom Is A Deer

  1. avatar irongrampa says:

    A graphic example of child abuse.

    This woman is a mother ONLY from a biological standpoint.

  2. avatar Scaevola says:

    This is a spoof, isn’t it?

    Please tell me it’s a spoof.

  3. avatar April says:

    Dear Jesus. I don’t even have words for this.

  4. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    Species is just a social construct, apparently.

    If reality no longer gets a say in what we get to be, I identify as the Emperor of the Universe.

  5. avatar Captain Obed Marsh says:

    My mother is a fish.

    Seriously, reading through the redit comments, this may be a troll/poe.
    As I reread it, it does seem a little too facile. If it is a troll, the guy is a genius. He hits all the right notes of narcissistic self pity and delusion. And there are leftists who border on this level of grotesque callousness. My favorite response, “What if her son identifies as a bear or wolf? Why is she such a narrowminded bigot?”

  6. avatar Captain Obed Marsh says:

    If it is a troll, the word choices, sentences, nice storytelling touch with the grandparents and “Alice”. This guy deserves a Nobel Prize in trolling.

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  8. avatar harbqll says:

    I note she says the grandparents already wanted custody when his dad died. I assume this is because they already knew the kid’s mom was bat-shit crazy.

    As for this identifying as a deer BS: I identify as a Christian Human, which means God has given me dominion over all the lower animals…which would include, among others, deer.

    This woman needs to recognize my inherent superiority over her, otherwise she’s a bigot.