The Incredible Superficiality Of The Right

     There is a fundamental basis of American society that underlies the superficial sense of normalcy most people have, and to maintain that normalcy, those foundational pillars of society must be maintained. Many conservatives on the right do try to renew those foundational values and distinctions that make America unique, even amongst the Anglo-sphere. Actual grassroot organizations—which are the conservative establishment—and those who are associated with the longstanding conservative movement, steep themselves in these historically unique values and fight—yes, fight—to make sure that they are remain so that any superficiality of normalcy that is lost can be re-built on firm grounds and perhaps even stronger and more resilient than before.

     However, far too many see only the superficial normalcy and presume that it is the default—that they can ignore those “pillars of society” because of course others must default to the same norms that they have… and then fail when their buggy whips of reason fail to reach those whose fundamental values were reshaped sub rosa.

     Many people who are casuals in regards to politics and underlying beliefs of the radical and/or woke Left don’t bother to take that threat seriously, yet shriek histrionically when others don’t stand up and immediately eliminate the superficial neo-normalcy that the Left has built upon a the ruins of the former “pillars of society” that has been long in the works.

     The focus is on two different things: The underlying fundamentals vs. the superficial result of perceived normalcy. Many on the right presume that their normalcy is the fundamental structure while dismissing the altered framework for superficial madness, thus presuming that the only reason that others on the right don’t just swat it away is because they are the “surrender caucus” or even in on the perfidious scheme. Some do know better but push this nonsense because they can make money/grift off of those who do. Indeed, it is the extensive ablative armor of American society that has concomitantly both protected and insulated the public while also allowed the Left’s striking down of pillars, and the effects thereof, to be obfuscated if not completely obscured to middle-of-the road moderate Americans.

     Such people only pay attention to the threat when their insular sense of normalcy is invaded.   They seek to lash out until that superficial neo-normalcy that hasn’t quite been normalized enough slinks back below the surface and declare victory because their personal sense of normalcy is back. Yet rather than be defeated, those on the Left with their systemic power just work harder to further undermine the fortitude of America’s more basic values in a more subtle and effective fashion.

     We’ve seen premature declarations of victory, while others have accepted that the right must be in this for the long hall.

     Many who believe that they are fighting for something fundamental, are conflating the underlying values with the normalcy that is a result of that—a normalcy that could never be built without those pillars to hold them up…something that far too many seek to do. Indeed, that normalcy was never constructed but naturally evolved due to those strong underlying pillars upon which such an otherwise fragile thing could stand.

     Even when it comes to placing one’s basis on religious grounds, per se, does not create the faunt from which American uniqueness springs. After all, there are plenty of Christians in other countries of various denominations—none of which are American or ever could become American based on those religious tenets alone. This is not to say that Christianity hasn’t been an integral part of shaping Western Civilization or even America more specifically; it has been a very important pillar ans aspect around which civilization has evolved, but it is but one pillar and Christianity alone does not America, let alone Western Civilization, make. How much is one’s sense of normalcy derived from scripture as opposed to one’s sense of normalcy informing one’s understanding of scripture?

     When seeking to understand those “pillars of society”, and convince people to support or even rebuild them, can you provide a reason that isn’t based on your personal sense of normalcy or your interpretation of the scripture that you hold dear and true?

     The former basis of “normal” is a perilous one when it doesn’t match other people’s sense of normalcy. This is especially so when the “pillars of society” have been destroyed and new fundamentals laid upon the ruins. Yes, those new pillars are perilous and unstable at best. At that point the ablative armor of society is the only thing left—destroy that as so many desire to do and you will find what replaces that destruction is not the old normalcy that many on the right would assume would return (either naturally or by force), but the neo-normalcy that better fits in with the new form outlined by the structure the Left has built. We can see with with the redefinition of marriage, going from a fundamental pillar that supported men and women getting together to have children and form families into mere “love”—that old sense of “normalcy” was but a fragile shell that, when it was broken, became upon discombobulation a different thing that fit in with the Left’s view… and not yours.

     The later basis is an oracular one, and perilous at best. Invoking one own’s interpretation of their scripture and beliefs immediately abandons anyone who might be convinced that the other side is wrong but isn’t convinced that you are right in your own beliefs, by creating a false dilemma fallacy of competing belief systems of the Left’s against your own.   No matter how true you believe your faith is, if it doesn’t fit into the custom made framework the Left has built, you will lose because the Left’s “truth” fits better into that framework than yours since the Left’s is what feels more normal than your normalcy for anyone not already swayed by it, nine times, if not more, out of ten.   After all, if your argument is “Christianity”, then you must argue correct interpretation of those very same texts claimed by Christian denominations that embrace same-sex marriage and increasingly transgenderism—and do so after conceding anyone who isn’t Christian.

     This later basis is further complicated and clouded by the same inability to understand that the Left has. Far to often someone of faith will view other’s viewpoints from their own ecumenical lens, understanding the opposing woke side as Satanic in thinking as if they used the same framework of thinking, except on the evil side as opposed to your good.   Similarly, the Left sees everything through the lens of “systems of oppression” which create oppressive hierarchies, and see the Right as also having that framework except with the other side as the evil one (i.e. the oppressors to their oppressed). All in all, it becomes necessary to understand that each side’s moral compass is “blue and orange” morality compared to their own perceived “good vs. evil” or “white vs. black”.

     Ask yourself, what are the underlying values and “pillars of society” that make America unique and special we ought to argue and fight for that isn’t based solely on superficial “normalcy” or your personal interpretation of particular scriptures?

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