Freedom Under Law

     This is the value of the Magna Carta, and is the foundation of Anglo-Saxon and British values, and thus the core value of America and the rest of the Anglo-sphere.

     As Daniel Hannan, MEP, straightforwardly defends:

     Mr. Hannan also explains the true meaning of “tolerance”.

You tolerate objectionable behavior up to the point of incitement.

You tolerate eccentricity up to the point of madness.

You tolerate offensiveness up to the point of harassment.

Toleration means you tolerate.  It means you tolerate what you find utterly appalling.

     In all cases, the Left have transgressed beyond all boundaries.

     The Left are antithetical to the foundational principles of our civilization.

     P.S. Typo Corrected.

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3 Responses to Freedom Under Law

  1. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    Hannan has always been a favorite of mine. His straightforward and unabashed defense of the Anglosphere and its culture is something I wish we saw a lot more of from our own people.

  2. avatar sabrina says:

    Magna CARTA, you stupid redneck.

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