Move Over Gender Unicorn, Here Comes The Gender Minotaur

Pictured: The latest new “gender”.

     Genders are becoming increasingly diverse… diversely stupid. Tumblr lever “genders” are now urged to be accepted blindly by professionals. Transgenderism has become a Children’s Crusade (by proxy).

“‘I totally agree we are in the midst of a gender revolution and the children are leading it. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And it’s also humbling to know [children] know more than we do about this topic of being gender expansive,’ she said during a 2018 talk at the San Francisco Public Library.

“Ehrensaft believes the transgender revolution is the next phase of the 60s feminist movement, which featured challenging stereotypes about gender.

“‘Now, we’ve got genders moving boulders, and it makes a lot of people nervous,’ she said.

“Ehrensaft believes that transgenderism is derived by a ‘gender web’ which is influenced by culture, upbringing and nature.

“‘Each person’s web will change over time as they age,’ the event’s description said. “What’s Your Gender? Don’t answer until you hear all your options… Ehrensaft wants you to get off the binary measurement scale.’

“She introduced language such as ‘genderfluid,’ ‘non-binary’ and ‘gender expansive.’ She then predicted the language will evolve beyond that, and cited her conversation with a 7-year-old as proof that there can be ‘gender minotaurs’ and hybrids.

“‘And as you know, language is political. So what’s good today will be politically incorrect tomorrow. So we’ll just keep changing as we go,’ said Ehrensaft. ‘This is a whole group of kids you all should know about.’”

     How wacky are things getting?  

     Well, as of five years ago, valid “genders” included:

  • Gender fluid children. Children who defy the norms of binary gender and either slide along a gender spectrum or weave their own intricate individual patterns along the gender web. The word fluid here refers to the potential for movement through further development of one’s understanding of their gender.
  • Gender smoothies. Gender smoothies are a variation on the theme of gender fluid. As one teenager vividly described it, “You see, you take everything about gender, throw it in the blender, press the button, and you’ve got me—a gender smoothie.”
  • Gender hybrids. Children who combine or alternate between genders, often in a binary way. Among gender hybrids are the following:
  • Gender Prius. Half girl/half boy: This gender label was invented by a schoolage child who, from the front, looked like any boy in basketball shorts, tank top, and basketball sneakers, and, from the back, had a long blond braid tied at the end with a bright pink bow: “You see—I’m a Prius, a boy in the front, a girl in the back. A hybrid.”
  • Gender minotaur. A descriptor for the children who explain that they are one gender on the top and another on the bottom, this usually to account for genitals at odds with the gender they know themselves to be.
  • Gender-by-season children. Children who freely express their authentic gender (identity, expressions, or both) during summer and school vacations but never at school, or alternatively use school as the safe place to be their true gender self but keep it under wraps during home-based summers or vacations.
  • Gender-by-location children. A close cousin to gender-by-season, a child who knows the locations or is told the locations where free gender expression will be accepted and other locations where it is not, and chooses or is told to keep their authentic gender muted or under wraps in the unwelcoming locations, such as conservative Aunt Mary’s wedding reception.
  • Genderqueer youth. Not only a category of gender but also a social movement of young people who ask us, “Why do you even bother? We are so beyond gender.” They are any and all, never either/or, and they challenge our thinking and carve a new path in which they invite us all to both imagine and embody a world where gender is no longer a defining category. They may also identify with the term nonbinary.
  • Protogay children. Children who start out exploring and pushing the margins of gender on the way to discovering their sexual orientation identity, typically exploring their gender expressions rather than gender identity, though not always.
  • Prototransgender youth. Children who travel in the exact opposite direction from the protogay children. In the process of exploring their sexual orientation identity, usually in adolescence or young adulthood, they discover, often through their romantic or sexual liaisons, that it is not actually their sexuality but their gender that is in question, and move to understand themselves as transgender.
  • Gender Tootsie Roll Pops. Children who exhibit one gender on the outside but experience another gender on the inside. To follow the metaphor, the crunchy outside is often the gender that accommodates to the expectations of the surrounding world, and the soft, gooey inside is the stuff of authenticity and realness. The hard candy is in place to protect or shield the inside chewiness from an unaccepting world or an internalized unaccepting part of one’s own self. It should be noted that the gender Tootsie Roll Pops, if not provided with resilience building, are often the most at-risk TGE children.
  • Gender-ambidextrous children. Children who use both their girl self and their boy self interchangeably. It may be the child who is a sister to her brother but a male playmate to the boy across the street, or the child who is full-out “femme” one day but totally masculine-style buff the next. If children can use both their left and right hand on par with each other, so too can they use their girl and their boy part of self, not to mention all the parts in between and beyond those two genders; ergo, the gender-ambidextrous child. They may also identify with the term bigender.
  • Gender Teslas. The gender Tesla is the transgender state some children reach after a stint being a gender hybrid or gender ambidextrous. Some simply go from zero to 60 to get there, meaning from the sex assigned to them at birth to their affirmed gender identity. Some go more slowly. We could say that any child in the transgender category would count as a Tesla, but we are preserving this term for children who are in motion toward an all-one-gender status. Agender youth. A close cousin of, if not the same as, genderqueer youth. We can play with the word agender, seeing its double entendres—“I’m a gender, but not any particular gender,” or “I’m devoid of gender [similar to asexual],” which is the more common referent to the meaning of agender. These are youth who, similar to their genderqueer compatriots, are also pushing beyond the limits of constricting gender confines to say, “You can’t catch me,” if it means pinning down a particular gender or any sense of gender at all as being relevant to living a life. Indeed, many agender youth also reference themselves as genderqueer or nonbinary.

     And yes, this was accepted and published by the American Psychological Association.

     The future is “gendered”…

     Read more below:

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