Nevada GOP Establishment (GOPe) To Most Nevada GOP Voters: Your Voice Shouldn’t Count

     The Nevada Republican Party establishment (“GOPe”) has approved this past weekend a caucus to be held in the evening (right after most people get off work and just want to go home to their families) two days after the state Presidential primary that will involve government ballots sent out to all active Republicans. This will cause confusion and deny countless Nevada Republicans a right to choose their nominee.

     That this is all being done by the establishment in order to favor the establishment’s preferred outcome, and hopefully deny disfavored candidates a chance at delegates is clear and obvious, to the point that some campaigns are openly saying it’s rigged, which makes them less likely to pay attention to the state entirely.

     Now at a glance, many of you might think that anti-Trump forces are trying to deny Trump any delegates.   That’s be true if this post was written or published on “opposite day”. (Spoiler: It isn’t).

     No, it is the Trump establishment who are so sure of Trump’s win they they have to change the rules to get Trump the delegates by hook or crook. But at least the Trump establishment is on the side of the common people, right?



     At a Clark County GOP Central Committee meeting the week before, the person explaining this scheme to the body of the Central Committee openly said that if you don’t have the time to get involved and waste 90 minutes after work on a Thursday evening instead of spending that time having dinner with your family, then you shouldn’t have a say, even if you have been a lifelong Republican who has voted in every primary and general election since you turned of age.

     But this insult goes further than that when one realizes that caucuses have never been very well publicized, and that many people who would have taken the time to see if there was a caucus won’t because an official Primary ballot came in the mail.   Not to mention all the people who won’t know what’s going on with the internal party shenanigans and then just won’t bother.

     But then the Trump establishment doesn’t want these filthy casuals to have a say anyway. Only those self-selected hyper-involved elite should have a say and take on the burden of telling Nevada Republicans to support loser candidates that end up being rejected because, well, the candidates are losers.

     The Nevada GOP is run by Trump establishment fanatics who don’t care how much the Republican Party loses just as long as they control the party.

     “Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven”, so as to say.

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