News of the Week (September 24th, 2023)


News of the Week for September 24th, 2023



Dobbs Decision


If Trump Wants To Be “Liked” On Abortion, We Are In Big Trouble
It wasn’t so long ago that Donald Trump made history by being the first sitting president to show up at a National March for Life.

Make Life National and Abortion Local
Pro-life Republicans should forget about national bans on abortion at any stage, protect pro-life states, and remove federal support for abortion.

Gun Rights


Delays, denials, and a new lawsuit: New York’s background checks on ammo sales off to a rough start
Buying ammunition used to be a relatively simple procedure in New York. You went into a gun store or other retailer, picked up what you wanted, paid for it, and walked out the door. Starting last week, however, all ammo sales must go through a background check conducted by the National Instant Check System with the New York State Police serving as a middleman between ammo sellers and the FBI’s background check system.

California Legislature Passes ‘Tyrannical’ Package of 12 Gun Control Bills
‘The California Legislature chose to follow other hostile regimes desperate to restrict the rights of the people’

St. Benitez rides again! Federal judge strikes down California magazine ban for a second time
It’s not the first time that U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez has determined that California’s ban on “large capacity” magazines violates the Second Amendment, but hopefully this time the decision will stick.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will cause other global changes
Solar geoengineering proposals will weaken extratropical storm tracks in both hemispheres, scientists find.

Germany: Leipzig school obliges children to attend climate rally
Last Friday, participation in the “Global Climate Strike” of the radical organisation “Fridays for Future” was compulsory for tenth graders at a Leipzig grammar school. Previously, students had skipped school for this, but this time everyone had to go – even those who didn’t want to.

Biden Considers 50-Year Ban on New Mexico Mining
Joe Biden’s on a roll. After banning uranium mining in Arizona, the president’s Department of the Interior announced a proposal to ban mining and oil-drilling in northern New Mexico for 50 years.

Radical Phoenix Mayor Implements Climate Goals to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego has set out to lay the groundwork to ban meat, dairy, and cars in order to meet climate goals for the 2030 Agenda with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

California Sues ‘Big Oil’, Accusing the Companies of Downplaying Climate Risks
The real facts are not with California…but facts are sometimes not a part in court decisions.

Team Biden Bribes States with $400 Million to Adopt Senseless, “Climate-Crisis”-Inspired Building Codes
Biden’s bureaucrats decided to use fiscal persuasion. After all, it appears to work for their boss.

Biden Uses Executive Power to Create Climate Corps
After being thwarted by Congress, President Joe Biden will use his executive authority to create a New Deal-style American Climate Corps that will serve as a major green jobs training program.

Government TV: commit crimes for Gaia
It’s an odd message to see coming from a state-owned broadcast company, at least until you realize that pretty much everything run by the political and cultural elite is now dedicated to what amounts to communist propaganda.



Government in Healthcare


Socialized medicine is a wonderful thing, but WOKE socialized medicine is even better
Every day when I sit here, reading things from around the world, and finding off-the-wall stuff to write about, I become more and more convinced that the people running England don’t really like the English people very much. In fact, I believe there is a concentrated effort afoot to wipe the island clean of as many inhabitants as they possibly can, in as painful and miserable a fashion as they possibly can, while assuring the doomed citizens it was all their own fault to begin with.

U.K. Judge to Decide Whether a Critically Ill Infant Is Taken Off Life Support
Readers will remember the tragic case of Charlie Gard, a baby boy in the U.K. who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Doctors at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital told Charlie’s parents that his condition was incurable and he had no hope of survival. But his parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, found a doctor in New York who was willing to treat Charlie with an experimental therapy. Gard and Yates raised around $1.6 million through crowdfunding to cover the costs, but the London hospital argued that this was not in Charlie’s best interests, and that he should be removed from life support.

Teenager who died after NHS legal battle over treatment allowed to be named
Sudiksha Thirumalesh was named as the patient at the centre of a legal case against an unnamed NHS Trust. She had a rare mitochondrial disorder.


War & Terror


Sri Lanka’s President Assails AUKUS and Contests Concerns about China
Sri Lankan president Ranil Wickremesinghe assailed the AUKUS pact as a “military alliance” and an unnecessary arrangement that will backfire on the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.

Dictatorships Mount U.N. Campaign against ‘Existential’ Impact of Sanctions
A group of eleven of the world’s most notoriously oppressive regimes, including Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, and Belarus, complained to a U.N. official that language condemning Western sanctions on their regimes has not been included in U.N. documents. In a letter Sunday, they decried those measures as an “existential” threat to their survival, National Review has learned.

Castro dictatorship tries to cover its tracks after they’re caught sending Cubans to Russia to fight in Ukraine
Sometimes Cuba’s communist dictatorship gets itself into a predicament that not even the supportive and complicit media can bail them out of. This is one of those predicaments.

Fears of a Second War in Europe as Azerbaijan Launches Military Attack
Azerbaijan carried out strikes on the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region on Tuesday as it announced the launch of an “anti-terror” operation, a move that threatens to trigger another war in the region.

Putin’s feared Black Sea Fleet HQ is BLOWN UP ‘by Brit Storm Shadow missile’ in massive fiery blitz on occupied Crimea
VLADIMIR Putin’s Black Sea fleet headquarters was blitzed by a fiery Ukrainian Storm Shadow missile attack today.

China just stopped exporting two minerals the world’s chipmakers need
China’s exports of two rare minerals essential for manufacturing semiconductors fell to zero in August, a month after Beijing imposed curbs on sales overseas, citing national security.

China’s quest for human genetic data spurs fears of a DNA arms race
Most of Europe was in lockdown in April 2020 when a plane arrived in the Serbian capital bearing a well-timed gift from the People’s Republic of China. Inside was a Chinese invention called the Fire-Eye, a sophisticated portable lab that could detect coronavirus infections from tiny genetic fragments the pathogen leaves behind.

Jimmy Lai’s struggle
In John Updike’s short story “Bech in Czech” (collected in Bech at Bay), Updike’s fictional alter ego is sent to Czechoslovakia on a cultural exchange program through the United States government in 1986, while the country is still Communist. Bech attends a party of dissident writers, one of whom had been imprisoned.

Japanese PM Warns about ‘Real’ Russian Nuclear Threat
When Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida addressed the Economic Club of New York on Thursday, he spent much of his time explaining his government’s economic policy and courting U.S. investment in Japan. But he also took the time to deliver a stark warning about the international outlook.




Cal Berkeley Law EXPOSED: Class Credit to Aid the Revolution
Over a decade ago, Hans von Spakovsky and I published the “Every Single One” series here at PJ Media. It took a federal lawsuit by PJ Media to obtain the resumes of all the new Eric Holder-hired lawyers in the Civil Rights Division. We documented the radical progressive backgrounds of every single one of Holder’s new lawyers in the so-called neutral “civil service.”

Trump attacks ‘liberal Jews destroying America’ in Rosh Hashanah message
“Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believed false narratives!” Trump wrote.

Colleges Still Recruiting for High-Paying DEI Administrator Positions
“Not only are college DEI jobs plentiful, but they can also compensate extremely well.”

Inside Sin City’s growing homeless crisis: Shocking photos show scores of people sleeping in makeshift tents and the sidewalk on iconic Las Vegas strip
At least 6,566 people were counted as homeless in Southern Nevada this year

Colleges Systematize Student Ideological Sniping
An indication of the extent to which “progressivism” now controls American college and university campuses is the existence of “bias incident” reporting systems. Students who don’t like what others have said can file complaints against them, and school administrators will eagerly “investigate” to see what sanction is appropriate for the miscreant. This is another way for leftists to employ power to get what they want — in this case, the silencing of those who disagree with them.

Just What Chicago Needs, Government-Owned Grocery Stores
Luther, fear not, the era of government-run grocery stores may not be as dead and buried as it seems. The city of Chicago — already doing such a terrific job on handling crime, poverty, homelessness, and unemployment — is exploring the possibility of establishing municipally owned grocery stores.

Sanctuary Cities’ Budgets Implode alongside Immigrant Influx
Democrats have discovered an unforeseen consequence of virtue-signaling — the huddled masses actually took them seriously. “I told anyone who’d listen of my generosity, and the poor starting asking me for change . . . imagine!” From Chicago to New York, city governments that came into office on promises of acceptance and anti-discrimination — so-called sanctuary cities — are turning out lint and IOUs when illegal immigrants arrive at the cities’ bus stations and municipal buildings.

A Sneaky Effort in California to Make Racial Preferences Okay Again
Back in 1996, California voters approved Proposition 209, which prohibited the state from favoring people from certain groups in student admissions, employment, and contracting. Ever since, progressives who want to engage in discrimination (to achieve “social justice,” of course) have been trying to evade that prohibition and to wipe it from the law.

Appearance of Impropriety Common in NV Legislature
“I will follow the opinion. I will abstain,” said Nevada’s longest-serving state Senator Bill Raggio. Raggio, who served 40 years in the state senate, including 16 years as Senate Majority Leader, was hip-deep in negotiating a payroll tax hike during the 2009 legislative session.

Here Come the Teen Transgender Lawsuits
An unnamed woman who once identified as transgender filed suit last week against the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Medicine, and three doctors for “negligence and lack of informed consent” after she had a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy at the age of 16 in 2018.

United is the latest airline to confirm finding fake parts in plane engines, as supplier scandal grows
United Airlines discovered dubious parts in two aircraft engines, adding to the list of carriers worldwide that have found bogus components from supplier AOG Technics.

Study: Mental-Health Degeneration in 34 Percent of Children after Puberty Blocking
When ideologues and the media insist that puberty blocking is the only appropriate care for children with gender dysphoria, don’t believe it. The studies have been few and far between, and there are many potential physical-health harms to children — such as infertility and poor bone development.

Republican candidate for Missouri governor vows to burn books after viral flamethrower video
ARepublican candidate for Missouri governor on Monday vowed to burn books if elected after he was criticized for a video showing him burning cardboard boxes with a flamethrower.

Blackstone CEO Schwarzman Says Expect the Unexpected in Volatile US Politics
Blackstone Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Schwarzman said the US public is not interested in older people running for president and that could throw a surprise in the 2024 elections.

Scientists look to begin human trials for artificial wombs
In 2017, researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) announced they had successfully been able to keep premature lambs alive through ectogenesis — an artificial womb. Now, six years later, they are requesting to move forward to human trials, which could have massive repercussions.

Syracuse mural celebrates Che Guevara and Malcolm X, likens them to MLK, Mother Teresa
The university features the artwork prominently in a student center on a high traffic area.

Betraying Anne Frank
A Texas public school fired an eighth-grade English teacher who assigned the reading Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, a graphic version of Anne’s unforgettable diary. The adaptation is particularly contentious because it depicts passages in which Anne describes her genitalia, expresses curiosity about the female body, and talks about menstruation. (Anne’s father, Otto, exerted editorial control over the original manuscript, and some editions of Anne’s diary have omitted these passages, as well as other material he disapproved of, like criticisms of his marriage.)

Sigh: Guess what Massachusetts is banning now
If you live in Massachusetts and would like to see something banned, just send a note to Governor Maura Healey and you’ll probably get your wish. Gas stoves, cars, fluorescent light bulbs… pick your poison. And if she can’t convince the legislature to ban it, she’ll just sign an executive order and cut out all of the muss and fuss. It’s a very efficient system if you don’t mind a healthy dose of autocratic authoritarianism mixed in with your morning coffee. Now Healey has struck upon something else that Simply Has To Go. And that would be single-use plastic bottles. The legislature hasn’t seriously looked at anything like this so she is at least aware that she can’t wipe out that entire sector of the marketplace singlehandedly. But she’s pretty sure she can do it inside of the state government. So with a stroke of the pen, she will ban state agencies from buying any products in single-use plastic bottles. Problem (?) solved!

The Las Vegas Sphere Is a “Mind-Boggling” Vision of the Future of Entertainment
The venue — and largest spherical structure in the world — opens Sept. 29 with a series of performances by U2 and later, a custom film by Darren Aronofsky.

Western Kentucky U Race-Based Scholarships Challenged by Equal Protection Project
“WKU should know better than to run educational and career programs that exclude students based on race”

Student Group that Won Affirmative Action Case Against Harvard and UNC Sues West Point for its Race-Based Admissions Policy
Students for Fair Admissions strikes again! This time challenging affirmative action at the service academies.

Court Rejects Pseudonymity in Lawsuit Over “Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum”
From Concerned Jewish Parents & Teachers of L.A. v. Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium, decided yesterday by Judge Fernando Olguin (C.D. Cal.).

Canary in the Granite State coal mine?
There was a special election in New Hampshire on Tuesday night to fill out one of four remaining vacancies in their state house. The results are in, and if this particular canary had the beautiful plumage of the parrot in the famous Monty Python sketch, John Cleese would be announcing today that he’s here to register a complaint.

Down-Ballot Republicans Who Endorse Trump’s Election-Fraud Lie Expected to Face ‘Considerable Voter Backlash,’ Poll Finds
Republican candidates in competitive House and Senate races who align themselves with former president Donald Trump’s false claims that he won the 2020 election could face “considerable voter backlash” on Election Day, according to a new poll from WPA Intelligence.

Leaked images show Biden admin’s planned ICE ID card for illegal immigrants
Biden admin gearing up to give photo IDs to illegal border crossers who are released into the US

Texas mother who blamed son’s life-threatening injuries on ‘white couple’ arrested for lying to police
The two-year-old child sustained life-threatening injuries including internal injuries, burns, and a lacerated liver.

Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife charged with bribery
U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife have been indicted in New York on federal bribery charges related to their allegedly “corrupt relationship” with three businessmen from their home state to protect those men and benefit the nation of Egypt.

Court: “The school’s policy is a trifecta of harm”—it harms the students, it harms the parents, and it harms the plaintiffs “who are compelled to violate the parent’s rights by forcing plaintiffs to conceal information they feel is critical for the welfare of their students—violating plaintiffs’
religious beliefs.”

Special session of TX legislature must close SB-17’s DEI loopholes
State Bill 17, a new law that bans DEI initiatives in public colleges, was crafted in response to widespread evidence that DEI programming amounts to Leftist political indoctrination.

VA legislature hanging in the balance
For all the positive signs sanity may be returning to a large swath of the country, and for all the donor money flowing into GOP coffers elsewhere, none of that seems to be true in the Old Dominion State of Virginia. When election night 2021 wrapped up, the GOP had eked out a slim majority in the House (49-46), while Democrats held the Senate (22-18). VA House reps serve 2 year terms and senators serve 4.

Gold Bars, a Mercedes Benz, and Egyptian Food: The Menendez Corruption Indictment Must Be Read to Be Believed
Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted on federal corruption charges for the second time in a decade, making him the first U.S. senator in history to be the subject of two separate criminal indictments while in office.

Trump team changes obscure GOP rules in hopes of clinching presidential nomination early
Strategic, surgical efforts by former President Trump’s campaign to overhaul obscure Republican Party rules in states around the nation, including California, have created an opportunity for the GOP front-runner to quickly sew up his party’s presidential nomination.

Las Vegas teen expected ‘slap on the wrist’ for hitting, killing cyclist: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you’
The teenager who police say intentionally struck and killed a retired police chief in Las Vegas said he would get a “slap on the wrist” after he was taken into custody

Ronna McDaniel doubled her salary as RNC chairwoman, despite series of losses
The salary for Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has nearly doubled during her six-year tenure on the job.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson switches to Republican Party
Though the mayor’s position in Dallas is technically nonpartisan, Johnson joins Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker as one of two Republican mayors to lead a major Texas city.

Confronting BLM at Berkeley
In the hectic days before departing for my current overseas assignment (more on that shortly—I’ve got a lot in the can already), I didn’t have time to relate hosting Heather Mac Donald, the most fearless journalist in America, for the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law. A substantial contingent of Black Lives Matter protestors turned up to register their displeasure at Heather’s presence and message. Let’s just say it was a lively event. Heather had to put up with a lot of low-grade heckling, but Berkeley is not Stanford Law, so she was not shouted down.

Equal Protection Project’s SCOTUS Brief: “An Intent to Boost Admissions Rates of Preferred Races Necessarily Meant an Intent to Discriminate Against Others”
Equal Protection Project Files Supreme Court Brief In Support Of Asian Students Challenging Discriminatory High School Admissions Policy

Despite What Those Shadowy, Elite, Rich Jews Say, We’re Not Antisemites
The “Palestine Writes Literary Festival” is being held at the University of Pennsylvania later this week. This has attracted severe criticism from Jewish groups and individuals within and without Penn because some of the speakers have a history of engaging in antisemitic rhetoric.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Music theory, cell phone seizures, and gratuitous strip searches.

Creating a Utopian City Is Harder Than Tech Billionaires Think
Peter Thiel’s floating city in French Polynesia. Elon Musk’s self-sustaining city on Mars. Bill Gates’ smart city in Arizona. Long before a host of the biggest players in Silicon Valley set their sights on creating a new city in Solano County, California, many billionaires thought they could start their own utopia. But one man, a retired AT&T executive from Georgia, has actually been able to do it—for better or for worse.

Popular Calif. beach to close for 7 years to protect vulnerable sea lions
La Jolla Beach in San Diego is known for its beauty and rugged rocks. But what makes it even more remarkable is the sea lion population that’s chosen Point La Jolla to breed and nurse. However, the species often come in close contact with humans at the popular beach.

Hiring Joey Gilbert as Douglas County School District’s legal counsel may have been a bad idea
In August, Joey Gilbert’s firm was selected by the Douglas County School Board to represent their district. Now the invoices are coming in.


Economy & Taxes


China’s Worst Capital Outflow in Years Spells More Yuan Pressure
Outflow from capital account was the largest since 2015. Reversal of flows depends on monetary policy, economic outlook.

A Manufacturing Bubble?
In a blog post about the deficit, economist Paul Winfree of the Economic Policy Innovation Center notes a troubling fact about Joe Biden’s much-praised boom in manufacturing construction: “Private fixed investment has fallen by 1.3 percent as manufacturing construction has increased by 55 percent since the enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act.”

Mexico has just overtaken China as the top exporter to the U.S. — or maybe it’s held that distinction all year
Bloomberg is running a story saying Mexico has just eclipsed China as the largest exporter to the U.S. The rival news service is relying on a complicated formula, using the 12-month rolling average of the share of U.S. imports.

The Biden Administration Just Won’t Give Up on Loan Forgiveness
The courts must put a stop to the president’s latest illegal moves.

Does Anyone Care about American Consumers?
Word is the Biden White House is torn. On the one hand, the United Auto Workers strike is a searing critique of this administration’s environmentalist policies and the price instability its profligacy has produced. On the other, it’s a labor action, and organized labor is beyond criticism. For a president who has styled himself the “most pro-union president leading the most pro-union administration in American history,” failing to endorse the union’s extreme remedy to stalled salary negotiations with the “Big Three” automakers amounts to hypocrisy. As such, President Biden now “faces pressure to join auto workers picket line,” the Independent reported.




Belgium: Protests Erupt over Sex-Ed Classes
On Thursday night, September 14th, an elementary school in the French-speaking Belgian municipality of Charleroi was set on fire—the sixth school to suffer that fate in just two days.

A highly scandalized Vladimir Putin accuses Pinochet of poisoning Chilean communist poet Pablo Neruda … Le RRRRRRRONCA!
Savior of what’s left of Christian civilization and modern incarnation of El Cid, Teddy Roosevelt and Saint Michael the Archangel (according to Tucker Carlson) Vladimir Putin is accusing Pinochet’s secret police of poisoning a political opponent, namely the famous communist poet and Allende official Pablo Neruda.

Jacinda Ardern Denounces Free Speech at United Nations
Covid tyrant Jacinda Ardern is no longer in power. However, she remains a menace to freedom. Watch her hold forth at the comparably pernicious United Nations regarding the need to suppress dissident speech — or as authoritarian moonbats call it, “mis- and disinformation”

Looks like a stealth “Wrecks-It for Brexit” plan is in the works
Interesting things are afoot in the U.K. as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fights for his political life against a not very popular, but “at least he’s someone different” Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer.

Mexico on track to have its first Jewish, female president
The polls point to a historical first: Claudia Sheinbaum, currently the frontrunner, could become the country’s first Jewish and female president.

Forced labor and forced exile: The life of Cuban professionals sold as slave labor to foreign nations
The following story is just one in the hundreds of thousands of tragic tales of forced labor and forced exile suffered by Cubans at the hands of the Cuban regime. It’s disturbingly amazing how Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship can carry on a modern-day slave trading business and the world not only ignores it, they celebrate the slave masters.

Thirty days of Pride and lessons on white supremacy: inside Whitehall’s woke training regime
Government staff were urged to ‘dress up for Pride’ and bombarded with material on white privilege, leaked internal communications reveal

Smoking would be BANNED & cigarettes ‘phased out’ in plans being considered by Rishi Sunak
OVER 18s would be banned from smoking in a “phasing out” of fags being drawn up by Rishi Sunak.

Catholic Priests Bless Same-Sex Couples at Cologne Cathedral
German Catholic priests performed a mass blessing of same-sex couples at the historic Cologne Cathedral on Wednesday (September 20th) evening in front of some 500 attendees, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported. The ceremony also doubled as a protest against Cologne Cardinal Rainer Woelki, who stands against the radical liberalization of the German Catholic church, and is also a sign of open defiance of the Vatican’s edicts.




Global Governance Is (Almost) Here
Europe leads the drive for worldwide issuance of digital IDs, vaccine passports, and centralized control of AI.

What happened to the great West Coast cities?
Never before have all the burgeoning metropolises of the future started to shrink

World Views Colliding on the Right
You Wanted a Savior From the Left and You Got Saul

Ranked choice balloting and open primaries in Nevada are a formula for chaos
Proposition 3, which advocates ranked choice balloting and open primaries, will become part of the Nevada State Constitution if passed in the next general election.

Demonizing journalists to spread disinformation is dangerous and undemocratic
I’ve never seen more dehumanizing vitriol and hostility directed at journalists at any time in my career.

Now Is the Time to Renew History Departments
Tradition-minded historical scholarship is nearing extinction.

A Misreading of Thomas Jefferson
Last week, I wrote a Corner post against Daily Wire host Michael Knowles’s assertion that civil leaders can, at their discretion, suspend rights and circumvent the law during self-declared emergencies. Even though Knowles opposed New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s decision to (temporarily) suspend the legal rights of her constituents, I warned that his endorsement of the underlying principle only encourages further incursions of the law by those eager to elevate their policy agenda over legal mechanisms.

Gosh, Why Do These Republicans Keep Losing?
On Tuesday night, the GOP underperformed once again in state-level legislative special elections in two critical states, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. In the latter case, the Republican candidate’s loss has serious political implications insofar as her opponent’s victory cedes to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party narrow control of the state’s House of Representatives.

Republicans: The UAW Will Never Love You
Donald Trump is skipping the GOP primary debate to hang out with the United Auto Workers. Republicans have a good case that the Democrats the UAW helped get elected are harming the interests of auto workers by pushing the “energy transition” with EV mandates. But that works under the assumption that the UAW exists to represent the interests of auto workers. It doesn’t. It exists to push progressive politics.

I am a rockgender, I am an autismgender
When Simon and Garfunkel sang “I am a rock, I am an island,” they weren’t thinking about gender or sexuality. But, nowadays, rock can be a gender identity, writes Max Eden, an American Enterprise Institute research fellow, on City Journal. There’s also moongender, foxgender, etc.

FreeCons Must Be Part of a Wider Conservative Movement. If We’re Provoking Schisms, Count Me Out
In June 2022, a group of conservatives and right-wingers published a ten-point manifesto: “National Conservatism: A Statement of Principles.” The statement was part of the National Conservatism organization under the Edmund Burke Foundation, which holds periodic conferences. (Ron DeSantis spoke at the 2022 annual conference in Miami.) Its chairman is the Israeli intellectual Yoram Hazony.

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