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Quick Takes – Make Believe: LGBTQ&c. Acronyms; Sexual Dimorphism; Safe Spaces

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Believe the unreal, deny the real, and then hide when reality … Continue reading

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Google vs. Witches

     Self-Declared “Witches“, usually of the Tumblr variety, have always prided themselves as being on the side of social justice or Bernie Sanders, while being against the long-gone Confederate States of America, gentrification, or Donald Trump.      Now, they have to fight … Continue reading

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The New Animism

     In denying the spiritual in a knee-jerk fashion, modern philosophers and misunderstanding scientists have had to tackle with the entire concept of consciousness. Their solution?      Panpsychism. “Consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter; every single particle in existence has … Continue reading

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The Most Racist?

     A “trans-woman” model who recently threw a privileged temper-tantrum as a model, has declared that the U.K. is the most racist country: "The uncomfortable truth is that the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on … Continue reading

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The Ultimate in H8: Milk

     What originated as a silly 4chan meme has become, in the eyes of the woke Left, a symbol of absolute “H8” and White Supremacy. This insanity has gone so far as to cause the Left to (yet again) deny evaluational … Continue reading

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Peak Guardian: Socialism is Far Right Ideologically

     The Guardian, a British newspaper that has shifted from more traditional hard-Left pro-Communist fare towards outright Social Justice Warrior mode, decided to give everyone a lesson on two icky “right wing” German political parties… “Adolf Hitler only joined the Nazis … Continue reading

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Middle Earth’s New Prime Minister

     The following message transmitted via a Silmaril… The incoming Labour Prime Minister of Middle Earth New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, already known for her pro-civil rights stances for the poor and oppressed Orcs, is a welcome replacement as an ally for … Continue reading

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There Can Be Only One (Galaxiegender)

     One special little Tumblr snowflake will be very, very upset with you if you dare claim to be the same admittedly-made-up gender: Tweet

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Big Mouth Big Derp

     Adult oriented cartoons and animation that involve potty humor are well established, be it South Park, Drawn Together, or some hentai anime. However, the vulgarities were just a means to tell an often outrageous joke. But ‘twould seem that for … Continue reading

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Dear Straight Black Men, Welcome to the Kyriarchy!

     Just as those of Asian ethnicities have become the new “Whites” (with all the attendant “White Privilege”), now it seems that Straight Black Men have become the “White People of Black People“… “It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black … Continue reading

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