The White Racial Stain Of Cis-Genderism

     Ah, that intersectional car crash of critical gender theory and critical race theory!   It turns out that White people can’t be “non-binary” because allegedly White people invented the “gender binary” to oppress BIPOC, thus all White people carry with them the sin of cis-gender identity even if they they say they aren’t.

     This is an example of “Kyriarchy” where queer White people oppress non-White queer people because of their oppressive privilege of being White. This person emphasizes race over all else, but justifies it by saying that “cis-heterosexuality” was an invention of White people, who are all collectively guilty across space and time, and thus can’t have the same level of purity as non-Whites who are all inherently queer and outside the “gender binary”, but only think they are because of those maleficent White devils.   And even if the evil Whites tear down the “gender binary”, they are still benefiting from the “gender binary” despite being non-binary because their sinful Whiteness imbues them with the privilege of the gender-binary and all the evil cis-genderism that comes with it.

     It’s less an ourobor0s than an intellectual autophagous orgy.

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