Towards A Literal Parliament Of Whores

     Men are increasingly being sidelined in society, and many retreat into hobbies, gaming, or resentment. This is a real problem, but not everyone who recognizes the problem understands it. Case in point.

     When you de-normalize marriage and monogamy, you end up with a few men sleeping with many THOTs (That Ho Over There) and many men with no women interested them at all.   And when those THOTs get too old, the few studs don’t want them, and the many other men don’t want to be sloppy seconds for used goods.

     It’s not because they can’t buy occasional casual sex from a literal whore. It’s because their roll as husband and father is increasingly looked down upon by an increasingly promiscuous society.

     All this would do is double-down on the breakdown of monogamy and heterosexual pair bonding that has led to the problem.

     We already have a government run by a metaphorical “Parliament of Whores”, so, some would think, why not a literal government sponsored equivalent?

     This flip side of this, to ban pornography as an outlet, confuses cause and effect. Men aren’t rejecting monogamous relationships with women because of the lure of pornography, but it is because the socialal antithesis to monogamous and marital minded coupling between men and women that men recourse to þe olde pr0nz. Removing online outlets does not and can not solve that as a society we have regressed to where often the few powerful men are polyamerous with hypergamous women while the many men are the expendable ones. It is because marriage is no longer central to society, and the meaningfulness of being a husband and father lost, that men turn to casual sex (if they are lucky), prostitutes, and pornography to satisfy that natural and normal biological urge—all while increasingly larger percentages of women flock around the few rich and powerful like… a Parliament of Whores greeting the their Kinds and Nobles.

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