News of the Week (October 23rd, 2022)


News of the Week for Oct. 23th, 2022


Election 2022


More Signs of a Midterm ‘Red Wave’?
Ann Althouse captures Frank Bruni of the New York Times worrying that Joe Biden’s unpopularity may sink Raphael Warnock’s Senate reelection bid in Georgia. (Hat-tip: Instapundit.) The other big problem for Warnock is that the Democratic candidate for governor is Stacey Abrams, who is losing very badly to Gov. Brian Kemp.

NYT/Siena Poll Suggests Political Environment Turning Toward Republicans
Is the national political environment turning toward the Republican Party once again? Today’s New York Times/Siena College poll of likely voters suggests that the answer is an emphatic “Yes.”

Pests, Filth, and Killer Elevators: Inside Raphael Warnock’s Secret Low-Income Apartment Building
A low-income apartment building owned by Raphael Warnock’s church is plagued by pests, maintenance problems, and filth, according to residents—and at least two people have sued the building this year after the elevator allegedly collapsed on them.

The four sleeper races that may decide the Senate majority
High-profile election battles in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada have dominated talk about which party wins the Senate majority but strategists on both sides are eyeing sleeper races in second and third tier states such as North Carolina, Colorado and Washington that could unexpectedly tip the balance of power.

Republican Governor Stitt falls behind in recent poll of Oklahoma voters… Is his time up?
Last week I wrote about Oklahoma’s gubernatorial race. At the time I thought it may be the sleeper race of this electoral cycle. Who would think that deep red Oklahoma would have a real race going on for governor? As it turns out, Oklahoma does have a real race and the Republican incumbent is losing ground, according to the latest polls.

The Rubio Demings debate turned spicey quickly
Last night was the first and only debate in Florida between Marco Rubio and Congresswoman Val Demings. Politico describes this race as one that is being “largely ignored” by national Democrats, even though Demings has raised significant amounts of campaign cash and run active advertising efforts across the state. As with most debates, all of the typical topics were covered, including gun control, climate change, and abortion. The abortion debate was the portion that probably produced the most fireworks, but Demings came off as sounding a bit desperate, continually insulting Rubio and accusing him of being a “liar.” For his part, Rubio focused on Demings’ congressional record and painted her as being out of step with the voters.

Harry Reid’s political machine is failing, can Obama save Nevada Democrats?
The Hill is reporting today that former President Obama is heading to Nevada in an attempt to shore up the fortunes of struggling Democrats. As the story points out, there’s an obvious reason why Obama is making these trips rather than President Biden

How the Gubernatorial Races Are Breaking
Republican have good chances in a few states, but, in others, much depends on late momentum and polling underestimations.

Senate Races Are Breaking toward the GOP
All you need to know about the state of the race for the Senate at the moment is that an internal Republican poll has Don Bolduc down only two points in New Hampshire. Things could always change in the remaining weeks, but for now, the GOP data shows undecideds breaking toward the Republican by 2-1 and images of Democratic candidates cratering. Republicans have thrown the kitchen sink at Raphael Warnock over the years and have never seen the numbers for the personable pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church dip under water. Now, all of the sudden, he’s under water by eight points. This is happening all over the place, which is why you see Democrats running gauzy, positive bio spots in the final weeks, when those are usually reserved for the start of a race.

Republicans Close Gap in Michigan and Minnesota Governor Races, Polls Say
In the final weeks of the campaign, Republicans have pulled within statistical ties in the Michigan and Minnesota governor’s races where Democrats are heavy favorites, according to new polls released on Friday.

Democrats Will Try to Cram Lots of Left-Wing Legislation Through Congress in Lame Duck Session
Republicans may win control of Congress in November, but that control won’t take effect until the new Congress assembles on Jan. 3, 2023. In the intervening two months, Democrats will try to squeeze every last bit of legislation they can from their majority.



Dobbs Decision


Pro-life students told to ‘kill themselves’ during campus event
A pro-abortion student at the University of Missouri told pro-life students to ‘kill themselves’ during an activism event. This is another example of pro-life harassment that has plagued college campuses this semester.

Pro-Life Activist Facing Eleven-Year Prison Sentence Speaks Out: Biden ‘Using DOJ as a Weapon’
On Friday, October 14, a federal grand jury in the District of Columbia indicted 25-year-old Herb Geraghty on charges of participating in a “conspiracy against rights” and violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Now he’s facing up to eleven years in prison in addition to a $260,000 fine for blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic.


Gun Rights


N.Y. Law Banning Gun Carrying in Churches (Including by People Authorized by the Church) Struck Down
From Hardaway v. Nigrelli, decided yesterday by Judge John L. Sinatra, Jr. (N.D.N.Y.)

It’s Still a Very Good Idea to Have a Conceal Carry Permit in Permitless Carry States
Let’s get this out of the way first: constitutional carry should be the rule, not the exception. That being said, I don’t think conceal carry permits should go away any time soon. Even as my home state moved to permitless carry several years ago, I maintained my permit and encourage others to get theirs as well.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Netherlands shuts down rich natural gas field amid energy crisis
By this point, most of you are likely aware that Europe is facing an even more dire energy crisis than the one threatening the United States. The loss of natural gas supplies from Russia is one of the primary drivers of this issue, with sanctions cutting off some avenues of access and mysteriously exploding pipelines impacting others. The good news is that northern Europe has a vast trove of natural gas supplies available in the Groningen field, located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. It contains enough natural gas to meet nearly all of the region’s needs for some time to come. The bad news is that they are shutting down all gas drilling in the Groningen field, but it’s not because of climate change concerns or protests by Greta Thunberg. They are terminating all natural gas extraction because the process has produced earth tremors. And no… you can’t even make this sort of thing up.

Green Jobs Revolution (Update)
We’re often told about all the jobs that the race to net zero (greenhouse-gas emissions) is going to generate. That has never seemed particularly plausible to me, especially if looked at after taking account of all the jobs that are going to be lost, either directly or indirectly, through decarbonization. But even the gross total of jobs created will, I suspect, disappoint.

Nevada could be next to ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2035
California debuted it in August, New York announced it in late September and Nevada is now considering the same legislation — banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035.

Robbing Grandma to Pay Gaia
Surprise! Energy Has to Come from Somewhere

Science Journal Claim: ‘Ocean’ Is a ‘Living Entity’ with Inherent Rights
I have been warning that the “nature rights” issue is moving very quickly now from the fringe to mainstream environmentalism. Now, a major essay in a prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journal argues that oceans are a “living entity” entitled to rights.

Electric Vehicles: Job Losses, Mobility Loss — and ‘Social Unrest’
In a post the other day, I noted a report in the Financial Times that the CEO of Siemens Gamesa, one of Europe’s largest wind-turbine manufacturers, had called for a minimum quota on the amount of EU-produced turbines installed in the region. The reason? Chinese competition was taking too much market share. That “green jobs” would go to China was not part of the plan.

Biden Regulators Are Coming for Your Furnace
The administration chooses climate-change politics over keeping Americans warm.

Eighth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of State Suit Against Social Cost of Carbon
Another appellate court recognizes that federal courts lack jurisdiction to consider legal challenges to the Biden Administration’s Social Cost of Carbon estimates.



Government in Healthcare


Hundreds of Teen ‘Gender-Affirming’ Mastectomies Each Year
The number of “gender-affirming” mastectomies performed on teenagers has increased exponentially in the last few years, according to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Report: Hospital Denied Operation To Female Sex Abuse Victim Who Requested Biologically Female Nurses
A woman in the United Kingdom is accusing a hospital of cancelling her surgical procedure after she asked to only be treated by biologically female nurses.

Belgian Euthanasia Law Ruled Unconstitutional — for Being Too Restrictive
The headline on this Brussels Times story is says much less than it seems to: “Constitutional Court Voids Belgium’s Euthanasia Law.” Alas, the story about the ruling seems to indicate that the problem with the law was that it was too strictly written, rather than being a violation of fundamental rights.


War & Terror


Russian recruits are ‘pure cannon fodder’
Putin’s partial mobilization continues to look like a disaster. There are reports that some of the new recruits are being sent to the front lines in Ukraine with little or no training or equipment. Mobilized soldiers and their families provide their own equipment and even medical supplies before they ship out.

An Air Force F-22 Raptor just fired off a record number of air-to-air missiles
“It basically tells big Air Force that our unit is prepared to deploy”

Sakhalin oil project hints at the potential collapse of Russian output when new EU sanctions take effect
The Sakhalin-1 project saw production tumble after Exxon refused to accept local insurance for tankers, sourced told Reuters. Western firms stopped insuring tankers operated by state-run Sovcomflot after Russia invaded Ukraine. The EU’s next round of sanctions against Moscow will include a broader ban on Russian oil tanker insurance, among other energy-related services.

Iranian-Made ‘Kamikaze’ Drones Rain Down on Kyiv
“Iranian instructors are overseeing Russian forces launching kamikaze drones from within annexed Ukrainian territory.”

U.S. Air Force jets intercept 2 Russian bombers flying close to Alaska
The Russian bombers did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace, but NORAD said that it “intercepted” the warplanes with two F-16 fighter jets.

Estonian parliament declares Russia terrorist regime
The Estonian Parliament adopted a statement on Tuesday condemning the annexation of Ukrainian territories and declaring Russia a terrorist regime.

Blinken Says Beijing’s Taiwan-Annexation Timeline Has Grown ‘Much Faster’ in Recent Years
Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned yesterday that the timeline on which Beijing wants to absorb Taiwan has grown “much faster” in recent years, as the Chinese Communist Party has opted to ignore the long-standing status quo that’s maintained peace across the Taiwan strait.

The Baltic Nations are Subject Matter Experts Here, we Should Listen
there’s a lot of history that keeps repeating itself…

Russian general ‘Armageddon’: Situation near Kherson ‘very difficult’ as civilians need to be evacuated
It has been just under a week since Putin appointed Gen. Sergey “Armageddon” Surovikin to take charge of the “special operation” in Ukraine. Today, he was part of a coordinated announcement of the need for civilians to be evacuated from the western bank of the Dnieper River near Kherson.

McCarthy: No ‘blank check’ for Ukraine if GOP wins majority
House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy warned Tuesday that Republicans will not write a “blank check” for Ukraine if they win back the House majority, reflecting his party’s growing skepticism about financial support for Kyiv as it battles Russia’s invasion.

Meloni Backs Ukraine: Atlantic Alliance a ‘Cornerstone’ of Italy’s New Government
There is invariably more going on in European politics than the reductive effort to place Europeans such as Viktor Orbán into American domestic-politics boxes. The Italian election that put Giorgia Meloni in a position to form a government is a perfect example. Meloni has some important commonalities with American social conservatives, but she is neither the heroine of the American Right nor the boogeywoman of the American Left that her American press notices would have you believe. Some of the issues in intra-European politics are different from our own — witness Meloni going after Emmanuel Macron by blaming the French for the Libya war’s effects on immigration (bear in mind that Italy is much closer to Tripoli than it is to London, and its fraught relationship with that region goes back to the Punic Wars), and denouncing France’s paternal role in its old African colonies

U.K. Official: Russian Jet Fired Missile ‘in the Vicinity’ of British Plane
U.K. defense minister Ben Wallace revealed today that two Russian fighter jets approached a civilian U.K. reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea late last month. Addressing the House of Commons today, Wallace gave details about the event and explained why he chose to disclose the incident.

Navy Chief Warns: ‘Can’t Rule Out’ Taiwan Invasion This Year
A U.S. admiral is warning that Washington must prepare for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan that could come before the end of this year. During a discussion of naval capabilities at the Atlantic Council yesterday, Admiral Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations, said that Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping’s actions, and the Chinese military’s track record, speak for themselves and should spur immediate U.S. action to bolster our military readiness.

TikTok Parent ByteDance Planned To Use TikTok To Monitor The Physical Location Of Specific American Citizens
The project, assigned to a Beijing-led team, would have involved accessing location data from some U.S. users’ devices without their knowledge or consent.

Hu Jintao: The mysterious exit of China’s former leader from party congress
Footage of China’s former leader, Hu Jintao, being asked to leave the stage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during the Communist Party Congress is drawing global attention as people try to work out what has just happened.

Russian torture in occupied Ukraine was ‘arbitrary, widespread and absolutely routine’
A report published yesterday which documents the routine use of torture in Izium, a small city in eastern Ukraine which was recently recaptured after months of Russian occupation. The Associated Press sent reports to the city and spoke with residents who identified 10 locations which had been used by Russians to torture both Ukrainian military personnel and civilians.




Pentagon equity chief praises book calling 9/11 first responders ‘menaces’ as she pushes for ‘revolution’
DoDEA Director Tom Brady has said, ‘Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts… to support meaningful change’

Oakland woman rescued from deranged man by…the Power Rangers?
Some of the stories coming out of cities on the left coast sound too strange to be true but it appears that this one actually happened. An Oakland noodle shop called Noka was testing out a new idea on Fridays. The servers and even the manager were dressed as colorful Power Rangers to promote a series of alcoholic drinks they were serving (“Noka Rangers”) in Power Ranger themed mugs.

LA City Council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Leon removed from committees but still haven’t resigned
The leaked audio of LA City Council members has already led to two of the four people caught on tape to resign but two others continue to hold out. Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Leon are both fighting for their jobs even though the pressure on them hasn’t let up. Today, acting Los Angeles City Council President Mitch O’Farrell announced that both Cedillo and de Leon had been removed from committee assignments.

UC-San Diego Apologizes for Lecturer Quoting Speedy Gonzalez
“UC San Diego officials were recently made aware of offensive and hurtful comments that a professor made in a chemistry class when video of the comments was posted to social media.”

Identifying as female doubles your chances of getting into MIT
Are you an aspiring high school nerd who dreams of attending the world’s most exclusive STEM university? Then consider adjusting your gender identity if you want to boost your odds of getting in.

Just what we need: a new form of racism
The Left is so wedded to the idea that all racism is some form of “White Supremacy™” that Charles Blow of the New York Times has created an entirely new category of White Supremacy to worry about: “light supremacy.”

Can DeSantis Beat Trump Among Non-College and Rural Voters?
In a few weeks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will almost certainly be celebrating a comfortable reelection victory. But there won’t be much time to bask in it before speculation about his 2024 plans, and a possible matchup against Donald Trump, goes into overdrive.

Re: Can DeSantis Beat Trump among Non-College and Rural Voters?
And, as a Floridian, I may well be unable to see clearly where Republican voters sit on the DeSantis vs. Trump question. Nevertheless, the people we assume are going to win the next primary are rarely the people who actually do win the next primary, and, since 2016, Trump has lost an election. DeSantis is going to win reelection in November, and, if he does so by a considerable margin, that will be a feather in his cap. Sure, at the moment, Trump is romping with rural voters. But are we supposed to believe that this tells us something key about DeSantis? Certainly, he’s never struggled with “rural voters” in Florida.

The mess in the LA City Council spells trouble for Democrats’ increasingly fragile coalition politics
Thomas Edsall has an interesting piece in today’s NY Times titled “The Mess in Los Angeles Points to Trouble for Democrats.” His argument, which he supports with opinions from various professors, is that scarce resources are responsible for the most explosive racial clash in recent history over leaked audio of Latino members of the city council.

NASA poised to break sound barrier without the sonic boom
Seventy-five years ago, a sonic boom thundered for the first time over the high desert of California.

Pence warns of ‘unprincipled populists,’ ‘Putin apologists’
Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday warned against the growing populist tide in the Republican Party as he admonished “Putin apologists” unwilling to stand up to the Russian leader over his assault on Ukraine.

Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Sentenced to Four Months in Prison
Donald Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon, has been sentenced to four months in prison after being convicted of contempt of Congress.

Mike Pence Is Getting Bolder
As Donald Trump’s vice president, Pence put his head down and fulfilled the traditional role of the veep: chief advocate for the commander in chief. But since his old boss sicced a mob on him as he fulfilled his constitutional duty to oversee the certification of the 2020 Electoral College vote, Pence has been less obeisant. Expectedly so.

Remote work spawns mini baby boom, economists say
An uptick in the number of women working from home since the start of the pandemic has contributed to a mini baby boom, according to a new study that claims the increase in births reversed two years of declining fertility in the United States.

Court Upholds Removal of Child From Parents, Related to Child’s Transgender Identity
The facts are complicated, and involve a good deal more than just disagreement as to gender identity; but it seems to me like an important controversy.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Retaliatory pepper spray, excessive damages awards, and the power of the purse.

How Male Trees and ‘Botanical Sexism’ Could Be Making Your Allergies Worse
“If you line a street with nothing but male red maples or something, good Lord, you’re creating what I would just call a pollen corridor”


Economy & Taxes


Get Woke, Be Downgraded?
BlackRock Inc. is the world’s largest investment company. It has also been the leader in ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing–i.e., prioritizing a left-wing agenda over shareholder returns. It seems, finally, that BlackRock’s political agenda is dragging the company down.

America’s Next Supply Chain Crisis: Barge Traffic Stalled on Mississippi Due to Low Water Levels
The timing could not be worse, as crops are being harvested while water levels are at record lows.

How DEI Made Inflation Worse
Monetary policy is not well-suited for addressing inequality, and the Fed could wind up hurting the people it was trying to help.

The California Exodus
There’s a remarkable bit in the WSJ’s editorial this morning against Prop. 29, a ballot initiative pushed by big labor — mainly, the Service Employees International Union and United Healthcare Workers West — to punish the dialysis industry for resisting unionization.

Appeals Court Puts Temporary Hold On Biden’s $400+ Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Giveaway
“an administrative stay prohibiting the [federal government] from discharging any student loan debt under the Cancellation program until this Court rules on the appellants’ motion for an injunction pending appeal is granted.”

Eighth Circuit Slams the Brakes on Biden Student-Loan Debt Cancellation
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has ordered the Biden administration to refrain from discharging any student loan debt while it considers an application for an injunction against the president’s debt cancellation program sought by six states.

U.S. supply chain looking mighty shaky right about now
When last we discussed the difficulties barges were encountering whilst trying to make passage on the Mississippi River (Monday as a matter of fact), I noted that the water was fast approaching a record low in Memphis, set a couple of decades ago. It’s fixin’ to tie that record some time today.




China Delays Indefinitely the Release of G.D.P. and Other Economic Statistics
China, the world’s second-largest economy, announced without explanation on Monday that it was delaying indefinitely the release of economic data that had been scheduled for Tuesday morning, including closely watched numbers for economic growth from July through September, which had been expected to show continued lackluster performance.

New European Political Party Is Led by an Artificial Intelligence
Oh, okay.

Iran Protests: Eight Inmates Killed, 61 Injured in Tehran Prison Uprising
“A huge fire broke out at a prison in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday night, after nearly a month of protests over the death in custody of Jina Mahsa Amini.”

These services cost more in Canada than many other countries – here’s why
As the cost of living rises in Canada, many are struggling to afford housing, transportation, gas and even food. But data shows that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the costs of everyday products and services in Canada have been some of the most expensive in the world.

It Begins… Schools in The Netherlands Serve Mealworms and Insects to Children to Save Planet from Global Warming
In May The World Economic Forum promoted the EU’s new plan to use mealworms in food in their bid to reduce meat consumption.

‘Terror granny’ accused of ‘plotting German civil war to bring back the Kaiser’
An elderly woman accused of being the ringleader of a terror cell plotting a monarchist revolution was arrested in Germany.

Sweden’s New Govt Scraps ‘Feminist Foreign Policy’
Sweden’s new right-wing government said Tuesday it was ditching the country’s pioneering “feminist foreign policy”, launched by the left-wing in 2014, saying the label could be counter-productive.

Lula Losing Brazil’s Biggest State Forces Urgent Campaign Rejig
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva returned to his industrial roots in Sao Bernardo do Campo to reboot his bid for Brazil’s presidency.

Iranian Schoolgirl Dies After Reportedly Being Beaten For Refusing Song Praising Ayatollah
A 16-year-old girl beaten by security forces in the northwestern Iranian city of Ardabil for refusing to sing a pro-regime anthem when her school was raided by agents has died of her injuries.

Truss resigns as UK prime minister; Update: “4.1 Scaramuccis”?
Well, that didn’t last long. Far from becoming the next Margaret Thatcher, Liz Truss became perhaps the first Prime Minister footnote in history. After only six weeks, Truss has resigned from her office, and the Tories have to go back to the drawing board

Tory Implosion Is the Breaking of a Winning Coalition
As I write this, the British cabinet is falling apart as if it was an Ikea flat-pack assembled by a drunk. The Home secretary resigned over using private email for government business (ahem . . .) while the chief whip resigned in the chaos surrounding a vote on fracking. Backbencher MP Charles Walker spoke for many in the House, expressing his fury at what Brits call an Omnishambles.

The Tory Coalition’s New Test
Liz Truss is stepping down as prime minister, making her ministry the shortest on record (although Lord Bath’s has a claim at two days in 1746.) As I have said over the last few days, her failure is due to bad strategy, economic forces beyond her control, and a failure to understand the nature of the 2019 Tory coalition. An expedited process to find a new leader to replace her is underway, cutting out the party membership, as well it should. As I suggested yesterday, Boris Johnson is likely to be a candidate. The other candidate most likely to reach the final round is Rishi Sunak.

Former Chinese President Escorted Out of Communist Party Congress
Former Chinese president Hu Jintao was removed by officials during the closing ceremony of a Chinese Communist Party Congress session Saturday.




Trump Puts Himself above the Republican Party Again
I’m just a simple country boy, but I must confess that I’m finding it hard to keep up with the rules of Making America Great Again. When Donald Trump was running in 2016 and 2020, it was supposedly incumbent upon all Republicans to vote for him given the alternative. “What about the Court?” skeptics were asked. “What about America?” “Do you not know what time it is?” Invariably, those contests were deemed “binary.” Sure, you might not like the candidate who came out of the primaries. But he was the candidate, whether you liked it or not, and, as a result, the only question that mattered was whether you wanted him or his opponent. Everything else was “self-indulgence.” The United States was on the line.

How to defeat the education establishment
Big and powerful as it is, the edu-class has never been so vulnerable. Never before have so many people been so open, or even eager, to doing without its services. Whatever reservoir of faith and heartfelt support America’s established schools and universities formerly enjoyed is gone. The edu-class’s continuing massive presence depends more on legacy sources of money — mostly government — than anything else. This is the edu-class’s life support. In fact, it has no other resource.

Explaining Conservativism II: Why the Left Hates It
“Since at least the World War II generation, most parents who held conservative values either did not think they had to teach their children those values or simply did not know how to do so. Most still don’t. If asked to define conservative values, most conservatives will be tongue-tied.”

A Welder and a Lawyer Walk into a Bar . . .
. . . and his name is Bob.

The China-Defending ‘Conservatives’ Strike Again
A kind of right-wing character who exalts the genocidal Chinese regime and bemoans the United States’ raison d’être has come into existence in recent years. I’ve dubbed this cohort “ChiCons,” in spite of the fact that little about these people can be called conservative, in the American sense.

Thought for the Day: Beyond Democratic Despotism
John Adams Wettergreen (d. 1989), writing in 1988 with a startling prescience of our present time

Why Kari Lake Will Be Trump’s Running Mate
She’s obviously not my kind of Republican, but I thought her nomination was political suicide, and I was wrong. As a longtime TV anchor, she knows how to communicate, and she’s been running very effectively against the press. This, for instance, is pretty much a master class in how to handle hostile questioning

What Do We Do about Colleges That Embrace ‘Diversity’ Rather Than Truth?
Colleges (and once-scholarly organizations) that have thrown their lot in with the woke crusade are a rapidly growing problem. Professors are now expected to advance “antiracism” instead of speaking and seeking truth as they find it.

Empty Platitude, or Litmus Test?
University-issued “diversity statements” are either too banal to justify or unconscionable attacks on free speech.

Restoring America
America is going wrong. That is the stark but necessary starting point for this editorial. Many people know it to be true; they can feel our politics and culture turning ever more sour, taste the bitter reality of national decline.

A Few Thoughts on the Racial-Preference Cases
Having labored in these vineyards for many years, I’d like to make just three quick points regarding the Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill racial-preference cases that will be argued before the Supreme Court on October 31.

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