Identifying As A Robot: From Playing Pretend To Valid Gender

     Remember the insanity that was that hellhole called Tumblr? Back then you have people identifying as “galaxygender”, a trans-dimensional space princess, an agender pansexual wtfromantic/nebularomantic Gaelic Polytheist “woodland spirit”, a translucent glow creature, a demi-mogairomantic demi-pansexual magigender otherkin, an arovauge pan-aceflux “systemgender”/”trautgender”, and a gay autistic bigender shark-kin upper-class able-bodied communist sprite.

     Tumblr was never really mainstream, at least no like Tik-Tok has become where “genderfluid” is sprayed all over the place.

     The one benefit of Tik-Tok is that it has provided an avenue for the insane and gender-confused to show the world the consequence of gender ideology, and how it has quickly becme mainstream. Take in point a kid declaring that they are a non-human robot, who, ironically, is binary

     Kids played “pretend” or “make believe” all the times and acted like they were robots, or dinosaurs, or other non-human things. When they’re young this is seen as exercising their imagination or even cute.   It used to be that as the kids got older, not only parents but society at large would tell them it’s time to grow up and play pretend. In this day and age, identifying as something you could never be has been normalized. After all, if a girl can be come a boy, why not a robot or a dinosaur. After all, such “identity” has already been established to have nothing to do with physical and/or biological reality.

Identifying as a robot seems almost mainstream and socially acceptable compared to the aformentiond Tumblr madness. And that is how for well over a decade the crazyness of Tumble has been distilled down into an almost anodyne embrace of identity politics and the dissevering of “identity” from objective biological reality.

     If people feel secure enough to publically say this, just think how much worse the next phase, currently sub rosa, will unleash upon young people!

     This will not end well.

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