A Star, a Ghost, an Eel, and Yeast Walk Into a Bar

     An by “Bar” it is meant a 16 year old arovauge pan-aceflux special snowflake who is both “systemgender” and “trauatgender“.

     Yes, there is another hidden personality that only comes out when the others are blacking out.  This person was allegedly professionally diagnosed with psychosis and self diagnoses as being schizophrenic.

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One Response to A Star, a Ghost, an Eel, and Yeast Walk Into a Bar

  1. avatar Emperor Cato says:

    As I’ve said before, the gender rabbithole goes all the way down. There’s nothing that’s too insane, too out-there for them. Once you divorce identity from reality, there’s no limit to what unreality you can embrace.

    It is therefore as a service to mankind that I continue to identify as an Emperor by divine right, and reiterate my declaration that all of this to be rubbish. For those who are feeling put-out by this declaration, just remember, you can’t contradict me or you are oppressing me for my identity.