Stars and Flowers and Fae and Sunshine

     An agender pansexual wtfromantic/nebularomantic Gaelic Polytheist “woodland spirit” who has ADHD (with dyscalcula), MDD, GAD, and goes by the name of “Journey” wants to let the world know how special of a little snowflake she* is:

“I love this generation so much we went through shit like drug scares and eating disorders and being punks and emos and self harmers and depressed and suicidal and now now now you start to see all these flower crowns and pastels and it’s like we’re all slowly slowly healing and growing up and it’s s obeautiful we’re all taking selfies and coming into our own and we’re all scared but we’re all here for each other and we’re unlearning inter-community hate and we’re all just such nice girls and boys and everything else we’re stars and flowers and fae and sunshine and we care about the world and we are just s obeautiful and powerful and new”

     Methinks that she* forgot about the lollipops and rainbows…

     *With these special little snowflakes, there is no way to tell what they really are short of a blood test…

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