Feminism ISN’T About Choice

     The old lie that was pushed by Feminists was that they wanted to “liberate” women and “empower” them so that they could pursue whatever they wanted to do.  But as Feminism isn’t about “equality,” it isn’t about choice either; it is about destroying the status quo so as to allow some delusion of utopia to spontaneously pop-up.

     Case in point:

     Feminism isn’t a choice between being stay-at-home mom or being a career woman.  In both cases it is because of oppression!

     Having a baby? Isn’t “choice” supposed to be the holy grail of the Left?  Nope, no matter what, you are being oppressed, because what woman would want to have a child when they could sacrifice their little bundle of joy clump of cells to Moloch?

     Feminism’s view of women can be summed up thusly: Where’s my sammich?

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4 Responses to Feminism ISN’T About Choice

  1. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    Feminism is based on the Left’s usual idea that society has got it all wrong, and if they just tear it down, perfection will spontaneously emerge.

    What they don’t realize is that there’s a lot more ways not to run a human society than there are ways to run one, the one we’ve got works, and what they’ve got in mind as the replacement has failed every test that’s thrown at it. But that’s always somebody else’s fault, never their own. It can’t be that their model is based on faulty assumptions.

  2. avatar rockmom says:

    That is an interesting graphic, because usually leftists do not acknowledge the truth that many women HAVE to work outside the home to pay for their family’s basic living expenses and especially to PAY TAXES. In many states the total tax rate is now 40% or more. In these states a middle income wife is basically working to pay the taxes and the child care. That’s not a choice at all. And there are even leftist theorists now who say that we should be assigning a value to women’s housework and taxing THAT.

    Of course, the actual and original choice every woman makes is to have unprotected sex at the wrong time of the month if she doesn’t want to be pregnant. Feminists seem to think nature is some kind of discriminatory burden on them. I never understood that. It is the true power women have – to grant their sexual favors to men and to continue the species. God made us fertile and gave us monthly cycles; if we want to be stupid and ignore that and give up our true power, we should not compound the stupidity by killing the child or demanding more government spending to help us pay for it.

  3. avatar linda jackson says:

    Well, I beg to differ on semantics: “feminism” is an adjective and FEMINIST is a noun.

  4. avatar jay says:

    If more women left the workforce the wages will go up. And men can afford to be the sole breadwinners of the family again.

    Although women could work from home if they have to.

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