Tumblr: The Hell-Hole of Insanity

     Tumblr is a ready collection of insanity (and porn) distilled to its stupidity essence from college academia and online roving bands of the mentally ill.

     While anti-Trump witchcraft, a desire to kill normal people, mind-controlling Patriarchy, Social Justice space aliens, trans-gendered Harry Potter, and sexualities that can only be described by lizards, are all examples of this insanity, it gets much, much more insane:




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One Response to Tumblr: The Hell-Hole of Insanity

  1. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    The longer I live, the more I realize that the Victorians had it right. Better to err on the side of prudishness than deal with this corrupt, debased, insane bullshit.