Cabin Boy Living

     The Left have long been obsessed with utopian visions of living complete with their amaxophobic fears of the freedom of the car and thus their obsession with “walkable” communities which emphasizes communal living spaces and at most limited personal space. Increasingly, the emphasis has been on dorm or campus style living and lifestyle where there is no personal responsibility yet how hipster utopian living just happens.   But why not go further and encapsulate dense urban living combined with hipster communal spaces like… in a happy fun time cruise ship!

     People like to vacation on cruise ships. They don’t want to permanently live in a small cabin with only those services that others decide to communally provide… with little “non-walkable” options even possible.

     Notice, also, how this looks almost as if it were just a section of the proposed “The Line” city in Saudi Arabia, another dystopian hellscape-to-be.

     Of course, perhaps there is a more appropriate ship analogy to this “Disney Cruise” proposal…

     Out: Live in the pod.

     In: Live in the cabin.

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