Massachusetts To Parents: Sterilize Your Kids Of Face Child Abuse Charges

     While some states are banning genital mutilation and hormone replacement therapy of “transgender” kids as being child abuse, states like Massachusetts are doing the opposite and then some.

     The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth recommends, amongst other things:

  • Treating parents who won’t give their children puberty blockers and other treatments as child abusers
  • Giving LGBTQ&c. kids transitioning out of foster care $1000 a month
  • Giving LGBTQ&c. kids special protections, indoctrinating coaches how it’s no big deal if a “girl with a penis” is no big deal surrounded by naked real girls but two girls who use different pronouns are traumatized by seeing a body like their own
  • Proactively pushing pro-LGBTQ&c. propaganda in schools
  • Pushing intersectionality
  • Secriminalizing sex work and underage sexting
  • Fund “mental health care” in schools
  • Including “community-based” support from a myriad of pro-LGBTQ&c. groups (including those whose acronyms are suspiciously “MAP”)
  • Fighting “heteronormative” social structures
  • Pushing abortion as normal
  • A declaration that “LGBTQ-affirming education begins before a child’s first birthday”
  • Special help for LGBTQ&c. illegal aliens
  • “Climate justice”
  • Creating “all gender restrooms”
  • Mandate “LGBTQ cultural engagement trainings” as well as training on racial equity, ableism, and adultism.

     That last one was a new one for your humble author. It turns out it means a “bias towards adults” and thinking that children aren’t as responsible or capable as adults which manifests in a “system of oppression”, similar to the oppression of racism, sexism, transphobia, &c., especially when it comes to youth/adult partnerships

     The full report can be read here or below:

Massachusetts Commission on… by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: Wesley Yang.

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