Quick Takes – Health Care For The Healthy & Death To The Sick: Killing Cancer Patients; Killing Kids; Killing Yourself As A Duty To Society

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Death is the ultimate elimination of being sick and suffering.

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Death, Rx

     The promise of socialized healthcare was that even if you couldn’t afford it, the government would provide all the medical help you needed… in truth all they offer is a quick death.

“Dan Quayle marked his 52nd birthday on Oct. 7 in Victoria General Hospital waiting to find out when chemotherapy would start for an aggressive form of esophageal cancer.

“He would die waiting.

“After 10 weeks in hospital, Quayle, a gregarious grandfather who put on his best silly act for his two grandkids, was in so much pain, unable to eat or walk, he opted for a medically assisted death on Nov. 24. This was despite assurances from doctors that chemotherapy had the potential to prolong his life by a year.

“His family prayed he would change his mind or get an 11th-hour call that the chemo had been scheduled, said his step-daughter Shayleen Griffiths, whose mother, Kathleen Carmichael, had been with Quayle for 16 years.

“As the weeks dragged on in hospital, Carmichael kept pressing for answers on when chemo would be scheduled.“

“‘There was never a timeline on that,’ said Griffiths, who lives in Victoria. ‘Their exact words were, “We’re backlogged.”’”

     Know who else takes up a large chunk of the socialist state’s health care money?   The elderly. But a Belgian health-insurance official has a final solution.

“Belgium’s euthanasia laws should cover elderly people who are ‘tired of life’ or who feel they are a burden on the public purse, a health insurance chief has urged. Luc Van Gorp, 57, the president of the CM health fund, a Christian mutual insurance provider, said that the number of Belgians over 80 would double to 1.2 million by 2050.

“‘Many elderly people are tired of life. Why would you necessarily want to prolong such a life? Those people don’t want that themselves, and when it comes to budgets: it only costs the government money,’ he told the Nieuwsblad newspaper. ‘We must remove the stigma.’”

     The only way they can get away with this is to make people see suicide as normal.

“Tory MP Matthew Parris argues that euthanasia/assisted suicide should not only be permitted — but encouraged. In ‘We Can’t Afford a Taboo on Assisted Dying,’ he writes (my emphasis):

“‘I can’t dispute the objectors’ belief that once assisted dying becomes normalized we will become more apt to ask yourselves for how much longer we can justify the struggle.”

“The word ‘justify’ is telling. It does not only concern the suffering of the person who is ill, disabled, or elderly but the suffering that person is supposedly causing to family and society. Parris believes that, eventually, for such a person to continue to live will be considered unjustifiable”.


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