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Oregon County to Punish Insufficiently Correct Recycling

     For some time now, San Fransisco has been monitoring trash to insure recycling and to effect “behavioral changes” on the populous. Marion County, Oregon must have looked at this and said “hold my wheat grass smoothie“: “Residents who fail to … Continue reading

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U.K. Sentencing Council: Six Years in Jail for Wrongthink

     Not content to sentence babies to death, aiding and abetting rapists, and protecting Jihadi beliefs, the British have yet again confirmed that the elite want to turn the U.K. into a full Orwellian nightmare: The Sentencing Council for England and … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty Constitution

     Once upon a time, words meant something, and it meant something that we, for the most part, could all agree on. But more and more people want to play Humpty Dumpty and play the “master” by imposing their view of … Continue reading

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British Doctor Accidentally Decapitates Baby

     Demonstrating the high quality of healthcare provided by the U.K.’s National Healthcare Service, a doctor accidentally decapitated an unborn baby, even as the pregnant woman, who was denied any pain medication, was telling her to stop. “It was alleged that … Continue reading

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Amazon Rights

     Amazon how has rights according to a court. Oh, this doesn’t have to do with the company or to the female warriors of Greek mythology, but with the South American river filled with parasites, disease, piranhas, and disease.      The Supreme … Continue reading

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California To Demand People Sacrifice and Suffer For The God Of Global Warming

     Some people like solar panels on their homes because it’s free electricity, and are promised that any excess energy will be used as a credit against nighttime demands for electricity. Indeed, there is an allure of being disconnected from any … Continue reading

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The Venezuelan Horror Continues to Horrify

     Venezuela has entered the phase where it is openly arresting foreign oil executives for the crime of being convenient scapegoats for the horror that Maduro, and Chavez before him, have created. This as one of the most oil richest nations … Continue reading

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California Poised To Force Direct Foreign Domination on Americans

     California is infamous for its plethora of “professional” boards made up of unelected appointees who have direct power over the lives of Californians, who are often left with little to no avenue to appeal. This is a legacy of the … Continue reading

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Dear Comrade Bernie, “The Hunger Games” Is Not A How To Guide

     Twelve poverty stricken districts ruled over by a rich and degenerate capital. This is the setting for the “Hunger Games” trilogy; it is also the economic plan that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT) has come up with. “[Sen. Bernie] … Continue reading

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The Presumptions of the Left

     The Left have a perverse and manichean ideology, infused with their own brand of gnosticism, to justify their totalitarian hatred and intolerance by defining “the other” as evil, and then defining themselves as being good because they are in opposition … Continue reading

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