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Queering the Census

     Civil liberties to the Left, much like democracy, is but a tram ride to travel upon until they arrive at their immanetized eschaton destination. No clearer example of that can be seen then when it comes to sexuality and gender, … Continue reading

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Mandatory Trans in Canada

     In the United States we have already seen many states ban s-called “conversion therapy” whereby a medical professional is not allowed to suggest that maybe, juuust maybe, a “gender confused” boy is actually a boy, or an actual girl a … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Mandating for Social Justice; Prohibiting for Social Justice; Punching for Social Justice

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Bash the Fash!      First, a little mood music:      Carrying on…      In … Continue reading

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Canada Outlaws Cis-Normative Dissent

     The Canadian Senate has outlawed doubleplusungood speech against anyone who refuses to accept the current “truth” of transgenderism.      Considering the anti-free speech effect of Canada’s other so-called human rights legislation, the scope and depth of this law is unhyperbolically evil: … Continue reading

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While The Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity

     Rousseau’s Volonté Générale presumes that there is a general and common will amongst the collective of a nation. While the concept of a “General Will” is a fanciful notion of a false god, and readily dismissed previously, it nonetheless can … Continue reading

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Progressives’ Hypocritical Hydra

     The Progressive movement functions not a singular conspiratorial will, but as a Stand Alone Complex with multimple overlapping organizations and groups which, like a Hydra, not only cover for each other, but result in many more groups and organizations springing … Continue reading

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Europe’s Magical Migrant Fairy

     What is a Eurocratic overlord to do when the peasants start complaining too loudly about being replaced by an imported population that is encouraged to NOT assimilate?      Why, pelt them with a poorly animated piece of propaganda about oppressed refugees … Continue reading

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The Sin of Animus

     It has been previously pointed out that if one has “animus” within their soul, everything they say to do is necessarily illegitimate and effectively sinful. This has been unabashedly used to delegitimize anything and everything President Trump has done, is … Continue reading

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Woke Leadership: Beating the S**t Out of White People

     A queer communist foreign national illegally in the United States has openly called for racially motivated violence after winning an award by the University of California, Berkeley for leadership amongst illegal aliens including helping fellow foreign nationals illegally present in … Continue reading

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A Venerable Privilege

     One of the central tenets of the broader Left is an axiomatic worldview of oppressors and the oppressed, the former gaining their lofty status through unearned privilege. In this Rawlsian view, because some children had a better upbringing than others, … Continue reading

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