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Struggle Sessions Come To Argonne National Lab

     The “Struggle Sessions” of wokeness that we’ve seen forced upon city workers in Seattle and in Sandia National Lab are far more widespread than many would want to believe. Yet again, Christopher F. Rufo has uncovered more “anti-racism”, this time … Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Marxism

     The beliefs of the far Left are becoming less mere academic flippancy and more concrete proposals to fundamentally transform America to the point of annihilation. If you want to defeat this assault on freedom under the law, then it is … Continue reading

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United States To Global Internationalists: Go Pound Sand (Or Worse)

     With all the chaos and downsides of “living in interesting times”, from Impeachment and Corona-chan to the George Floyd riots cum revolutionary temper-tantrums, one rather important element of international conflict, abet a non-shooting one (so far), is the clash between … Continue reading

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Sandia Struggle Sessions Revisited

     If you thought the previous revelations about mandatory wokeness and racial/sex discrimination at Sandia National Laboratory, where critical nuclear weapons systems work is undertaken, were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I've obtained explosive new documents in my investigation of … Continue reading

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Restorative Justice

     Unlike the adversarial legal process used in American criminal law, and the Common Law more broadly, or the process of civil litigation, the concept of “restorative justice” superficially sounds more fair and conducive towards reconciliation.   However, the reality is … Continue reading

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Yes, It CAN Happen “Here”

     Many people who don’t live in places like Minneapolis, Portland, or Seattle tend to believe that “it can’t happen here” and that most people are immune to that insanity. In large part this is an effect of how the Left … Continue reading

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The Revolution Is Coming From The Inside

     Rather than surrendering to the woke mob or foolishly going along with the same due to ignorance, the local governments of riot swept cities agree with the woke revolutionaries but can’t quite come out to admit it, overtly giving out … Continue reading

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Struggle Sessions Come To Sandia National Lab

     Modern day “struggle sessions”, whereby Whites and/or Males (usually both) are taken aside and made to admit how everything is their fault and forced to explain how they will repent their sin of “Whiteness” and/or “Maleness”, are not just limited … Continue reading

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Revolution by Proxy

     It has become clear, if it wasn’t already, that these rioter/revolutionaries are acting with the tacit approval of the government. The city, county, and state would do what the revolutionaries are doing if they could get away with it, but … Continue reading

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Praxis: Seattle’s Marxist Abolition of Police

     So, Seattle, not one to let Minneapolis run to its Left, is moving to abolish its police department because it is the faunt of “racism and violence” to supprot “white supremacy culture”, and instead institute a “civilian led Department of … Continue reading

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