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Not-So-Christian Church Celebrates Mohammad as Prophet

     All Saints Church in Kingston-upon-Thames, a part of the established Church of England has decided to celebrate Mohammed as Prophet… and also some guy named Jesus. “[N]ote how this event is “Marking the birthday of Prophet Mohammed”, but not looking … Continue reading

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Das Vierte Reich

     The leader of the far Left German political party SPD (but then all German political parties are far Left, abet some more so than others), Martin Schulz, wants to leverage the inability of Angela Merkel to form a coalition government … Continue reading

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Purging Western Civilization from the History of Europe

     The repeated assaults on American History by the College Board’s Advanced Placement exam is not just an attack on American History, but of Western Civilization itself. Repeated concerns over the purging from Western Civilization the cultural and intellectual heritage have … Continue reading

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The Ultimate in H8: Milk

     What originated as a silly 4chan meme has become, in the eyes of the woke Left, a symbol of absolute “H8” and White Supremacy. This insanity has gone so far as to cause the Left to (yet again) deny evaluational … Continue reading

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European Christianity as Cultural Cosplay

     Some attribute the rise of Islam, and before that the faith in the state, to the apostasy or even weakness of Christianity in these “modern” times and its inability to fit in with [CURRENT YEAR]. The truth of the matter … Continue reading

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Totalitarian Pronouns

     Once upon a time, pronouns like “he” and “her” once referred to individuals identifiable as “men” and “women” based on (unusually) obvious and objective criteria, much in the same way a person can point at a tree and know it … Continue reading

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Charter of the Forest — Still Relevant After 800 Years

     Eight hundred years ago today, Henry III of England signed the Carta de Foresta, better known by its English translation: The Charter of the Forest.      It was a rejection of the “Norman Yoke” and the restriction of lands from public … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Opposing Social Unjust Institutions: Food, Fighting, and Faith

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: All within social justice, nothing outside social justice, nothing against social … Continue reading

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The Normalization of Child Abuse

     So, just how will Western Civilization commit suicide? With twerking pre-teen boys in high heels, of course. “A pageant mum has defending the decision to let her 11-year-old son wear high heels and twerk on stage – claiming she’s not … Continue reading

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Dutch Euthanasia: 2 for 1 Deal

     That charnel house known as the Netherlands seems to be not content over killing off their citizens one by one, and have now begun to double-down, with couples killing themselves together in “beautiful” ceremonies so that neither one will be … Continue reading

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