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To Dissolve The People And Elect Another

     Those who say that having a problem with a massive influx of immigrants with a high fertility index to a country whose native population is in a population death spiral are “racist” and “paranoid” about being eliminated as a people, … Continue reading

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Press Nothing For English

     If there is one thing that the U.K. powers that be have made clear, it is that they despise, more than anything, the British peoples. In the not-too-distant future, if you call 999 (U.K. equivalent of America’s 911) and speak … Continue reading

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Legally Motherless in Britain

     Outside of science fiction, give or take some mitochondrial DNA, it still take a man and a women to make a baby, with the man becoming a father and the woman becoming a mother. Legally, in the U.K., this may … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought The Rotherham Rape Gang Scandal Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

     …it does.      The rape/grooming gang epidemic in the U.K. has already seen the government turn a blind-eye, at best, and actively cover up the epidemic of men of [REDACTED] faith and [REDACTED] ethnicity. Some police have even partaken in the … Continue reading

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UK Labour Party Suspends Member For Pointing Out Party’s Insane Transgender Policy

     The British Labour Party has parliamentary shortlists reserved for non-Whites and for “women”. And by “women” they mean anyone who decides to identify as a woman regardless of legal recognition or pretty much anything other than their own self-definition. A … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – The Preponderance of Pallor: Europe Too White; College Too White; Superficiality Too White

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: White people… White people everywhere!!1!      First, a little bit of mood … Continue reading

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U.K. Sentencing Council: Six Years in Jail for Wrongthink

     Not content to sentence babies to death, aiding and abetting rapists, and protecting Jihadi beliefs, the British have yet again confirmed that the elite want to turn the U.K. into a full Orwellian nightmare: The Sentencing Council for England and … Continue reading

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British Doctor Accidentally Decapitates Baby

     Demonstrating the high quality of healthcare provided by the U.K.’s National Healthcare Service, a doctor accidentally decapitated an unborn baby, even as the pregnant woman, who was denied any pain medication, was telling her to stop. “It was alleged that … Continue reading

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How To Solve Britain’s Bladed Weapon Epidemic

     Shot: “Shocking figures reveal there’s a machete attack every 90 minutes in Britain. “It’s emerged that in the last 2 months of 2017, police dealt with 928 crimes involving a machete – that’s an average of 15 a day, or … Continue reading

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The Presumptions of the Left

     The Left have a perverse and manichean ideology, infused with their own brand of gnosticism, to justify their totalitarian hatred and intolerance by defining “the other” as evil, and then defining themselves as being good because they are in opposition … Continue reading

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