Defending America’s Borders Begins Abroad

     When the late Sonny Bono ran for the U.S. Senate, he was asked about illegal aliens, and he replied that if it’s illegal than it’s illegal and we should enforce the law. Your humble author has shared this very straightforward view for decades. But stopping illegal immigration is more than just watching the border. Indeed, it doesn’t matter how big of a wall we have if we sit back and allow the conditions that perpetuate the tsunami of aliens entering the United States en masse.

     A state of perpetual siege for a country with one of the longest borders in the world is, and always be, untenable. In order to deal with the continuous wave of people, the United States must deal with the foreign situations that are causing these people to rush upon un in near countless droves.

     Some may decry this as “forever was neo-con warmongering”, but the situations already exist and they are already effecting us domestically. How we deal with this is an entirely other question for which we need not beg, as the false dilemma fallacy of either absolute non-intervention vs. total war can be left to the Twitter mobs.

     Increasingly, the U.S. border—not only with Mexico but increasingly from Canada and the seas as well—is seeeing illegal aliens from not just Mexico and Latin America, but millions from rest of the four corners of the world.

     Already we are seeing Russia working on weaponizing illegal immigration to attack the West. Who knows how many sleeper agents and provocateurs from hostile nations are in the United States. Perhaps it is better that Russia and even Communist China be made to worry about their own border expansion so they have less resources to invade ours by proxy?

     But that’s not happening in America, some may say. And they’d be wrong. Mexico and other Leftist Latin American countries are already aiding and abetting illegal immigration into the United States for their own benefit. If illegal immigration is an issue of such prime concern, why are so many against dealing with the root of the problem?

     American culture and economic power is out there, regardless of any military projection.

     Just because you might not care about the world doesn’t mean the world won’t care about the United States, an in an antagonistic way.

     Whether by intent or ineptitude, events around the world are the cause of the millions of illegal aliens zerg rushing the border. To treat this symptom, we must treat the cause.

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