When Anti-Fascism Means Attacking Jews

     “Antifa” we are told, just means that they are “against fascism”, and after all who wouldn’t be against fascism other than some fascist Nazi? So, when Antifa and friends actually “bash the fash” they obviously target… Jews?

     Are they trying to break the windows on the property of the Jews? Now, where have we seen that before

     If there was a seventh member of the Village People, he’d be dressed in a Sturmabteilung outfit and take on the persona of Ernst Röhm.

“In der Sturmabteilung können, wir viele Schädel schlagen! ♪ ♫”

     And outright punching Jews because of their “unearned privilege” and support of Capitalism?

     Now, where have we seen “punching Jews” as an act of justice and street activism before…

     Oh ya, that’s right…

     Just to update for the year 2020…

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