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Anti-Racist Education Comes To San Diego

     San Diego Unified School District has decided to embrace “anti-racist” education principles including achieving “racial equity” in punishment and grading to end “inequitable” practices—with such policies seemingly designed to harm children of all races.   Be it a national lab … Continue reading

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Orwellian Wokeness Comes To Math

“Ideology is Science.” “The Scientific Method is Anti-science.” “Struggle Sessions are Discourse.” “Disallowing Indoctrination is Censure of Open Debate.”      ‘Twould seem that the woke mathematics textbook we all must use is “1984”.      Going beyond “2 + 2   5” argument, … Continue reading

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The Threat Is Real (This Ain’t No “Soy Boy” Temper Tantrum)

     One of the common responses from some quarters to the #BlackLivesMatter/Antifa rioting/revolutionaries is that they are all “soy boys” who will fold like an accordion once they face real opposition (presumably from the manly-men who so opine).      This of course, … Continue reading

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Institutional Revolution

     The rioting and nascent “revolutionaries” are an institutional revolution—not a revolution for the institutions of government, but a revolution by and for the institutions of government. Not just bureaucratic employees or legislative staff, but even elected officials are are participating … Continue reading

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Pimp Hand Of Social Justice

     Nothing says “fighting systemic injustice” like appointing a felon who pimped out children as “street czar” to provide “alternatives to policing”.  Unsurprisingly, this bright idea came from the City of Seattle. “Seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp … Continue reading

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When Trying To Burn Books Is Anti-Racist

     Ironic, isn’t it, that hooligans who label themselves “anti-fascist” should declare that most fascist of past-times, burning books, to now be “anti-fascist action”. Tweet

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“Justice” Is Just An Excuse For Riot & Revolution

     “Racial Justice” or “Social Justice” is the rallying cry of “anti-racists” who claim that there is a plague of police who are executing innocent men who happen to be Black in order to maintain a “White Supremacy” that is “fascist” … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Free State Of George Floyd

     We live in a country where people can look at the hellhole that the CHAZ/CHOD “autonomous” zone in Seattle and declare that “that wasn’t a real non-hierarchical utopian commune” and then build that same d**n thing with the inevitable results. … Continue reading

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Peaceful Protests?

     One of the most blatant of lies is that Antifa are just peacefully protesting against fascism and it is fascists that are causing chaos. The evidence against this lie is myriad, but there are some who believe that Antifa are … Continue reading

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Whither The Latino Vote?

     One of the demographic groups that Donald Trump has been polling well with as of late is the Latino/Hispanic vote. There have been many reasons put forth for this including poor outreach by the Biden campaign, the effect of incumbency, … Continue reading

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