Selective Anarchy

     The breakdown of law and order in the major, and woke, cities has become increasingly overt in the past year or two. Case in point in Seattle, where police sat by and let squatters clear out the home they were squatting even after being arrested for illegal possession of drugs and firearms in the same house.

“Sammamish is a very upscale city east of Seattle where the price of homes can reach up to several million dollars. One of those homes recently was targeted by a group of squatters who appear to have been using it as a stash house. The scheme was discovered when someone working for the homeowner entered the home and found ‘12 guns, bulletproof vests, more than 15,000 fentanyl pills, heroin, meth, and more than $40,000 in cash.’

“The worker called police who showed up to collect the drugs and the loot. As they were deciding what to do next, two people pulled up on a motorcycle. Neighbors identified them as the squatters who’d been living in the house. Police arrested them for burglary but, because this is Seattle, they were back on the street in a matter of days.

“The squatters soon returned to the house and this time they brought friends. Police Chief Dan Pingrey had no choice but to stand by while they loaded up a U-haul with what they claimed were their belongings.”

     Seattle is increasingly fine with anarchy… unless the crime is lack of wokeness, in which case you will be re-educated and made to fall into line.

     This anarchy is asymmetric: If the law-breaking helps to break the system, then by golly the criminals will be given free reign; but the full force of government will be used to impose wokeness on people, if not outright tacitly allowing woke revolutionaries impose a literal police state on innocents.

     But then we all know that equality under the law is unwoke… and anarchy is ultimately authoritarian.

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