The Newspeak Dictionary Is Both Real And Woke

     Back when homosexuality was illegal and considered a mental illness, advocates of legalization argued that it was merely a “lifestyle choice” and a “preference”, rather than something that they could not control.   After it was accepted as legal, and even a right, it became an “orientation” that was inherent and that people couldn’t control their sexual attraction. Even then, however, “sexual preference” and “sexual orientation” was generally used to be interchangeable and basically denoted one’s sexual attraction.

     Even as recently as this year, Logo TV (a LGBTQ&c. focused channel), The Advocate (a LGBTQ&c. magazine), and Slate all used the term “sexual preference” or similar language declaring the impermanence of this “orientation”.

     Yet all it took was an expression of lack of prejudice or hatred against LGBTQ&c. by Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to literally rewrite the dictionary to make it doubleplusungood and her statement an expression of throughtcrime.

     This isn’t the first time Mirriam-Webbster has caved to the wokeness and made itself the vanguard of newspeak.

     This retroactive condemnation is, of course, selective, with Democrats—including Joe Biden—being given a pass because it is politically convenient to do so.

     The veracity of the accusation does not matter to these people, only the fundamental transformation of the country does.

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