Euthanasia Comes To A Social Construct

     The rabid Left take it as an article of faith that “gender is a social construct,” unless, of course, it is contra-normative trans-genderness or trans-sexuality, in which case they are “born that way.”

     This insistence on destroying “cis-normative” values had led to the Progressive Left to deny that anyone who has ever questioned that they might be the wrong gender or sex could possibly be wrong. The possibility that a girl is really a girl and just confused, or that this case of transgender/transsexualism was itself a “social construct,” has become “H8″ that must be banished and condemned as absolute evil.

     Sadly, it is that attitude that lead to the suicide of a woman who mutilated herself to become the boy her mother always wanted and then sought to end her life when she realized the monster that she had become:

“‘I was the girl that nobody wanted,’… [Miss] Verhelst told Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper in the hours before her death.

“‘While my brothers were celebrated, I got a storage room above the garage as a bedroom. “If only you had been a boy”, my mother complained. I was tolerated, nothing more.’

     She went on to say that she looked forward to her new “rebirth” after her surgery, but was disgusted when she looked in the mirror, and did not want to live on as a “monster,” as she put it.

     She was clearly psychologically abused. It is likely that this lead her to seek to become a man, which is a biological impossibility. The realization of biological reality likely lead to despair and suicide. As The Other McCain‘s Stacy McCain aptly noted:

“The distance between one’s desires and one’s reality can most easily be shortened by accepting reality. The alternative of pursuing hopelessly unrealistic desires is likely to end unhappily.”

     What truly makes this tragic is that this “unbearable psychological suffering” was good enough reason for Belgian doctors to kill her. Belgium is on the forefront of homicide masquerading as medicine with their legalization of killing children and the unhappy. Indeed, if “psychological suffering” is justification enough for killing someone, and a moody child or teenager felt that “their life was over,” then that child or teenager could easily be convinced to kill themself.

     This is the dark path that we are wending ourselves down. It is the consummate example of the Progressive ideology destroying itself in nihilistic completeness…

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