Sun-Tzu & The Progressives

     In order to defeat the Leviathan of the Left, we must understand those progressives that so threaten our virtue and our liberty.  As Sun-Tzu said:

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

     So, what is the core ethos of the Democrats and the left?

     The ultimate root of the divide between “right” and “left” can be traced back to the French Revolution.  Edmund Burke, who can be rightly said to be father of conservatism as American know and understand it, believed that there was much good in society, and eliminate what evil there is, but only press those changes necessary to eliminate that evil itself, without wrecking the rest of society.  Though Burke took the side of the Americans in the War of Independence, he was against the French Revolution, but for the same reason:  While the Americans wanted to preserve their domestic institutions, the French wanted anything but.

     When the French Revolution came about, it was clear that the Jacobins wanted to destroy society so as to replace it with their delusions of a “scientific” utopia.   It is this core ethos that is shared by the modern Progressive left, as well as of Fascists, Communists, and other assorted expungers of freedom.  The left’s core principles can thus be summarized in five points:

1. Corporatism This basically involves dividing people up into different groups and denigrating them such that their only worth is in being part of that group.  The state thereafter comes in and “arranges” these groups, as well as other matters, to the benefit of the state, or the collective whole.  Since everyone is simply a part of Leviathan, what benefits the collective whole allegedly benefits them, and people can have nothing that the state does not grant them.

2. Totalitarianism Or, as Mussolini said; “Everything within the state. Nothing outside the state.  Nothing against the state.”  Leeway to disagree with the “politically correct” zeitgeist in private is still totalitarianism, because for the left, it is not about directly controlling each individual in a proactive sense, but control of society, and thus narrow an individuals path to the point where it is prohibitive to disagree.

3. Transformative Socialism What truly stands the Progressive left from the tyrants of history, is a need to socialize society in order to transform it into their deluded visions of a utopia.  They do not want to correct wrongs, but impose themselves on others, which is a wrong in and of itself.  They wish to create society ex nihilo, from ideas divorced from reality that were developed in vacuo, and then treat people like they were but simple geometric proofs. Ultimately, they wish to subsume society into but an adjunct of the state.

4. Inequality Inequality in the name of equality.  The left treats people unequally in order to create some superficial equality.  The Jacobins had “nobles/churches,” the NAZIs had Jews, and Communists had Kulaks.  Scapegoats were identified in order to rally people under their banner, and continuously blamed for the lefts own failures.  The Progressive left has the Straight White Christian Male (i.e. “The Man”), and they lump American civilization together with their boogeyman in order to more easily destroy it.

5. Command and Control Dictates.  While people may be allowed to have some choice in their own lives, it is only to the extent that it does not upset the plans of the society/state hybrid known as Leviathan.

     The corporatism that the modern Progressive left believes in, is not limited to the economic sphere.  It is Social Corporatism, where the left  defines people narrowly based on some classification (e.g. gay, atheist, &c.), and then declare to that group, that the left will benefit their now narrowly-defined group if that group turns around and works to benefit all the other narrowly-defined groups, as determined by the leftist elitists, in order to create the utopian vision of those leftist elitists, with dissent being ever narrowed.  This is identity politics, pure and simple.

     The progressive left truly believes that “straight white X-tian males” oppress everyone else and that those “straight white X-tian males” are scared of losing their “privileged” position. They diminish American mores, norms, customs, society, &c. as being only that of “straight white X-tian males,” and that those “straight white X-tian males” MUST be crushed for others to be “free” of oppression. Thus, they bring in all other groups to smash the “kyriarchy,” and thus everything America stands for. The appeal of identity politics is so great, Obama even got 49% of the Cuban vote. Hitler did it with the Jews; Lenin & Stalin did it with the Kulaks; the modern progressive left is doing it with the “straight white X-tian males.”

     Also, by carving out more and more people from the “straight white X-tain male” demographic, it makes those “straight white males” a small minority that can be effectively targeted.  Thus, our Republic is diminished past the stage of pure democracy, and straight on into Ochlocracy.  This was amply demonstrated in the 2012 election.

     The left does not really want “tolerance.”  Every society has norms and taboos.  People’s own norms and taboos are usually clustered like a bell curve, where most people are common enough in their mores to form a society, with extreme outliers that society will not accept.  The left does not want to “tolerate” these outliers by expanding the boundaries of societies norms to include them.  What the left wants can be summed up by “Mirror-Universe Mitt Romney” over at the Ace of Spades HQ:

“It’s important to note that Leftists are not opposed to norms or mores. What they are opposed to is established norms and/or mores and norms and/or mores which they deem to sustain/perpetuate “the patriarchy” / the Hegemony/Superiority of Western Civilization.

“It is also important to note that Leftists are not “anti-nomial.” They are in fact hypernomial. They love laws and imposing laws (as long as they are the ones making the laws and imposing them, as is the case with mores and norms). In fact, their infatuation with Government and its (destructive) potential comes from their “nomophilic” nature.

“However, while Leftists embrace the Nomos, they reject Logic and consistency as they prefer absolutism and view Logic as an outdated Western and/or patriarchal value/construct which favors those with superior cognitive abilities and “discriminates” against the “cognitively challenged.”

“And a final point on art: It is not only the law which teaches, but also art, and all the art that Leftists produce does serve to teach the previously mentioned “Leftist values,” and consists, in fact, of little more than thinly veiled “morality plays” (at least when it is coherent.)”

     The decline and fall of Western Civilization can indeed be summed up through art.

     To achieve their goals, they engage in social corporatism via inequality, in order to push transformative socialism towards their totalitarian command & control dictates. They did not start out demanding things like gay marriage and free partial birth abortion for pre-teens, but they did set down a narrow path towards it.


     Those who preach “tolerance” the loudest are the most intolerant.

     Those who preach “diversity” are the most monolithically un-diverse when it comes to thought.

     Those who preach “equality” the most, are the ones who demand that inequality be imposed.

     Those who preach “social justice” which to impose injustice of the most putrid sort.

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