The Path Ahead To Save America

     I have written previously on understanding conservatives and progressives as necessary to forge a path towards victory for liberty and America

     Now we must ask, “How do we get there?”

     To answer that we need to understand how the left grabbed power.  They did not start out demanding things like gay marriage and free partial birth abortion for pre-teens.  They played the “Long Game.”

     Progressivism has been festering in America since the 19th Century, and broke through to the mainstream with the election 100 years ago with the election of the racist warmonger Woodrow Wilson.  Today we face an ever greater problem.  Not only does America have to contend with a Transformative Socialist, but one with the advantage of over a hundred years of successful effort to smash the America that was, and build the utopian delusions of the few.

     The progressive left have been following the “boiling frog syndrome” to implement their vision step-by-step.  Under the guise of “helping the poor” the left institutionalizes charity in the state as welfare.  The state then provides more and more until it becomes accepted as an entitlement.  Then the complaint is raised that more is never enough, and soon it becomes accepted wisdom that if the government doesn’t give the people something, that they are denying it to them, be it contraceptives or “Obama Phones.”

     This gradualism can be seen when it comes to the mores and norms concerning sexuality and marriage.  Divorce became not only freely available, but socially acceptable.  From that the core of the family was rent asunder.  With contraceptives and “free love,” the important relation of marriage, sex, and child-rearing was destroyed, thus tearing away one of the underpinnings of any society.  In lieu of family, people are forced to rely on the state, and even cherish their new parent Leviathan.

     Perhaps the progressive left’s approach towards America can be summarized thus:

“Here lies a toppled god–
His fall was not a small one.
We did but build his pedestal,
A narrow and a tall one.”
—Tleilaxu Epigram

     Today, it becomes more true: “The state is mother; the state is father.”  And it is through our children that the progressive left gains power.  Ideology is taught from Pre-School to Post-Graduate studies in colleges.  Far too often parents think that it is the government’s job to educate their children.  It is not.  A child is the ultimate responsibility of his or her mother and father.  Schools are just an adjunct to that.  Combined with their domination of the media and of the entertainment industry, the Progressive left is holding true to the saying, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

     What can Conservative do?  First and foremost, they must protect American Exceptionalism in our mores, culture, and customs.  Even if it but slows down the advance of Leviathan, the time earned will be worth it.  Conservatives need to understand themselves, and unify against the onslaught of progressivism.

     By understanding the progressive left’s use of Social Corporatism to relegate American society to but a tangential thing by associating it with their boogeyman, the “Straight White X-tian Male,” conservatives must eschew playing “me too” by aping lame appeals to whatever interest group the left have defined, be it racial, gender-based, or sexual.  If conservatives try to copy the progressive left, they will be seen as nothing more then untrustworthy wannabes.  What must be done is to smash this paradigm, and appeal to people who are not white, straight, Christian, and/or male on the basis, as the case may be, of their being small businessmen or women, of their being parents, or, above all else, of their being Americans with whom we share a culture that transcends race or gender.

     Conservatives must understand that the people will not always be amenable to their ideas if all they do is appeal to them weakly with commercials shortly before an election.  Conservatives, by their nature, want to conserve American values and traditions, and doing nothing to change it seems consistent with that.  But it’s not.  The progressive left have been proactively working to change people’s mind, to integrate communities into their sphere, and push slowly in the long game drop after drop… until the dam bursts.

     Above all conservatives must stop the agents of tyranny and mutation from warping the young like some Grimly Feendish.  Conservatives must go into entertainment and the media.  They can do good by simply not doing evil, as overt conservatism or political advocacy will relegate them to simply being conservative news or conservative entertainers.  They must mainstream themselves and boil a frog of their own.

     Education must be the top priority.  As Timothy C. Daughtry mentioned over at the American Thinker: “But even when conservatives won elections, the people who lost those elections taught our children the next day.” Conservatives must become teachers, and downplay propaganda while emphasizing the truth.  They must phase out insane ideas like “whole reading” or turning mathematics into but an exercise on using a calculator.

     For example, in education, conservatives must push for quantum changes after quantum changes, and do it in language that is neutral, or even seems to agree with the lofty goals of the progressive left.  Perhaps, in regards to education, they can demand more money for the classroom, and offer to pay for it by eliminating non-teaching bureaucrats and giving the power and choice to the teachers, while concomitantly incrementally striving for curriculum reform.

     Another example in regards to immigration.  The Progressive left have been taking Bertolt Brecht’s advice to heart:

“[T]he people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”

     Conservatives should support pro-legal immigration groups and reforming immigration laws, and then doing everything they can to help out the immigrants from their first application to come here, to when their children are elderly.  Just being fair would help break the progressive lefts monopoly on the vast majority of immigrants.  Once this presence is established, then conservatives can push them and integrate them into the cause of America and its cherished freedom.

     The progressive left has not been appealing to the electorate like conservatives do, but trying to shape it.  Conservatives must do the same.  The future of America is at stake and no option should be off the table.

     The path towards retaking America is simply this: Boil the progressives’ frog before the progressives boil ours.

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