“Justice” as Social Engineering

     For the Progressive left, “justice” requires a superficial equality of outcome (those who are “more equal than others,” excepted, of course).  To achieve these aims, they must play the social engineer, thus treating individual human beings like simple cogs in a machine to be replaced or modified upon the social engineers whim.

     Rarely, though, are they so bold as to be explicit about what they are doing and why.  Trayvon Martin’s family attorney has made such a bold move, going so far as to explicitly say that she has “a greater duty beyond being an attorney, and that’s to be a social engineer.”

     For people such as her, it is not about the rule of law, real fairness, or achieving a result that is truly just.  It is all about molding society to fit their deluded day dreaming.  The Zimmerman trial was supposed to be the cassus belli necissary to push their reconstruction of society.  Fortunatly for the rest of us, they messed up.  Their lily white “H8er” turned out to be a part Black Histpanic who tutored Black children.  Nonetheless, they doubled down to the point of ludicrousness.

     Obama even pushed that narrative because there are always fools who buy into it:

     Ultimately, is it just another example that the Progressive left believes that “…the function of the State was not merely one of the ruling the nation, but also that of recasting it in a given mold, of shaping the mentality of the population as a whole in accordance with a predetermined model and instilling the ideas and sentiments they though desirable in the minds of all.”

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