Businesses Should be Guided by Values. But Whose?

     It had long been a mantra by the Left that businesses were evil because all they cared about was profit, and should instead be guided by more human values and dreams.  Many businesses these days have adopted values as integral to their businesses:

“But now values have been given a more prominent place in many corporate cultures. Panera Bread has opened restaurants where customers pay only what they can afford. Stores such as Whole Foods and The Body Shop have given substantial percentages of their profits to charities for several years now. And since both the government and society at large currently deem the values these businesses advance to be acceptable, they are lauded.”

     Yet values suddenly become evil when those values run counter to the Left’s own values.  In those cases, we are now told that businesses should just care about the bottom line and that expressing their values is unbusiness-like and wrong!

“No business should be forced to espouse a value or facilitate an event against their conscience. Yet the government and others seem eager to rid our country of the rich, palpable color and pluralism that comes from a diverse marketplace. Robbing passion and censoring actions and speech, the government is telling many of our fellow Americans to either comply with its values, or get out of commerce

“But contrary to the mantra that businesses can’t adhere to their religious beliefs, the Constitution protects every business’s freedom to abide by its conscience. And multiple federal courts have recognized this just recently.

“While we may not all agree with every company’s purpose, mission, or beliefs, we can at least value every American’s freedom to think and express their beliefs according to their own convictions.”

     The Left does not care what excuse they use, just as long as they get their way.

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