The “Right” to Die While Waiting to See a Doctor

     One of the “benefits” that are promised to come with socialized healthcare is that the people won’t have to worry about being without insurance and thus healthcare unless there is government run healthcare that is provided “free” to everyone.  Thus, if a person comes down with cancer, breaks a bone, or runs out of condoms during a 24-hour orgy marathon, the state will be there to take care of them, right?

     Of course, the reality of the situation is that healthcare will be rationed.  With a Canada-style single payer system, seeking help if the state can not adequately provide will be illegal.  Will the rationing be used to pay for a person suffering from late-stage cancer, a person who has been physically maimed with bones broken, or will it be used to pay for enough contraceptives for Sandra Fluke to sleep with all of Lichtenstein (twice)?

     Pro-tip: If you ain’t the skank sexually profligate individual needing the birth-control, chances are you will be pushed aside and made to wait in the hope that you die before the state has to deal with you.

     Far fetched?  It’s already happening in the U.K., where thousands upon thousands of patients are forced to wait more than nine months for treatment in a hospital, and where thousands of eye patients are going blind unnecessarily waiting for their “right” to healthcare to be given to them.  The British National Health Service (NHS) even goes so far as to kill off its own to save a few bucks.

     Of course, those who do receive “healthcare” are often denied treatment and forced to die horrible and painful deaths, via the “Liverpool Care Pathway,” where they suffer like “battery hens.”

     When “rights” become but a dispensation of the state, you only have a “right” to what Leviathan graciously allow you to have…

     Updated to strike the word “skank” and replace with “sexually profligate individual.” Wouldn’t want to upset any “sexually profligate individuals” who so need to have their sexual appetites subsidized that the state infringes on the 1st Amendment religious rights of others, yes?

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