What is “kyriarchy” and just what does it have to do with core ethos of the radical Progressive left? “Kyriarchy” is the framework through which the Progressive left views race, gender, class, and sexuality; and it is the framework from which they plan the destruction of America and the building of their fevered visions of utopia.

     The Progressive left sees people as simply categories, as mere classifications. It is integral to how they think, and integral for what they plan on doing.

     Sadly, the idea that being “colorblind” is racist has been around for decades now. The far left believe that American society is intrinsically racist to the point that even the most innocuous thing perpetuates racism.  The Progressive left expand this to include gender, sexuality, and even class.

     This serves to denigrate people into simply being classifications. Thus a person is reduced to their classification, and told that their interests are what the left deems those interests to be. In order to achieve these pre-defined interests, people must work for all the other interests of the non-straight white male individuals, under the guiding hand of self-declared intellectuals (e.g. those with useless degrees like an MA in Gender Studies). This is basically social corporatism.

     And there is nothing the left hates more than non-white, non-straight, female, or non-Christian individuals who dare to believe what the self-declared intelligentsia declare that they ought not to think.

     They believe that people must be “conscience” of race, because only then will they discover how everything about American culture and civilization is racist and evil. The same applies to sexual orientation and to gender and/or one’s biological sex.

     They believe that straights, whites, and males are “privileged” and that unless American society is destroyed and rebuilt with “social justice” in mind, then those straight white males will ALWAYS oppress everyone else, even if they don’t actually treat people unequally or think of race at all.  It is a conspiracy without need of conspirators.

     “Whiteness,” “Straightness,” and “Masculinity” are not just seen as simply elements of oppression, but are in fact being defined down to their integral core as being oppression itself, and can only exist when there is something to oppress.  The modern Progressive left simply defines such traits as being indicative of the elite ruling class, thus bringing the Marxist idea of class into the mix.  Oddly, this means that the proletarian straight white males are oppressed by straight, white, and male values.

     This, then, is the basis for “kyriarchy”? Kyriarchy, according to Þe Olde Wikipedia:

Kyriarchy (“rule by a lord”; from the Greek kurios “Lord” and archon “ruler” or arche “dominion, sovereignty”) is a social system or set of interlocking social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission. The word itself is a neologism coined by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza to describe interconnected, interacting, and self-extending systems of domination and submission, in which a single individual might be oppressed in some relationships and privileged in others. It is an intersectional extension of the idea of patriarchy beyond gender. Kyriarchy encompasses sexism, racism, economic injustice, and other forms of dominating hierarchy in which the subordination of one person or group to another is internalized and institutionalized. It is closely related to the concept of dominating hierarchy within social ecology and anarchist theory.

     This is the supposed way straight white males oppress people: Through interlocking hierarchies. For example, if a straight black man doesn’t like gay people, that is just an example of the “evil American culture” getting one disadvantaged group to oppress another such group.

     Thus, the left believes the only way to smash the “kyriarchy” is to reject all “anglo-normative,” “andro-normative,” and “hetero-normative” values and replace it with a “non-hierarchical” system based on “social justice.” This is just an example of the left’s obsession with idea that we must “start from zero“: Sweep away all the constraints of the past and create utopia from the philosophical musings derived ex niliho and expanded in vacuo, resulting in a constrained and confining ideology.

     This results, ironically, in a “dominating hierarchy” whereby the farther you get from the “straight white Christian male” boogie-man, the more enlightened you are. The consequence of this is that people who are white, female, strait, or unchristian must shrive themselves of this sin by fighting this illusionary “kyriarchy.”

     The response of the left to this boogie-man is to denigrate people into their own little sub-caste and then declare that the only way to fight the “kyriarchy” is for non-straight white males to act/think like how the left believes that they are supposed to think and act. The left then promises to manipulate things through, for example, Affirmative Action, until all classifications are equal, with the concomitant elimination of anything related to strait white male normalcy (e.g. andronomative, hetronormative, &c.).  Straight white males, then are told that they are oppressed by their own straightness, maleness, and whiteness; they must reject this in order to liberate themselves from their own oppression.

     By accepting that they are nothing more then their race/sex/&c., those who follow these ridiculous ideas relegate themselves to simply getting their spoils (again, predetermined by the pointy headed elites), but only when all the other groups get theirs. It is this overarching ideology that provides the framework for arraigning all these groups for the overarching goal of transforming society into some schmucks’ (probably all with an MA in Gender Studies or similar wastes of an education) delusional visions of utopia.

     This, then is their idea of “justice”: A superficial “equality” of outcome. People are not treated as humans, but as pieces on a game board to be moved around until some false veneer of equality is achieved.  Of course, if such a state of “equality” were ever achieved, then those who move the pieces on the proverbial game board will loose their own very real status, power, and privilege; the boogie-man of “kyriarchy” will then always be needed by individuals such as that.

     It’s all part of the Progressive left’s playbook: Convince gay, non-white, and female individuals that the very essence of America serves no other then than to oppress them, with “hetero-normative,” “anglo-normative,” and “andro-normative” values, in order to protect the “privilege” of some evil elite. It combines the desire to overthrow the ruling elite of Communism, and the racial (as well as gender and sexuality) hatred of the NAZIs.

     That is what Progressive left is all about: replacing the “moral impurity” of strait-ness, white-ness, and male-ness with their utopian visions.

     They really and truly believe this. They taught it in colleges decades ago, and now they are trying to get it to go mainstream.

     This will not end well…

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