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Through The Filtered Lens of Critical Race Theory, Equality Is Discrimination And Freedom Is Oppression

     One of the ways that Critical Race Theory is presented as a “legitimate” alternative is to say that it is just an alternative “that challenges the ability of conventional legal strategies to deliver social and economic justice and specifically calls … Continue reading

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Making Choo-Choo Trains Popular By Banning The Alternatives

     Choo-choo trains for passengers is a dream of the Left worldwide, in large part because it allows the state or monopolistic company to control where you go and when.   Oh, there are some who just hate the suburbs and … Continue reading

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Firing Line Friday: Is Modern Architecture Disastrous?

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      Between the reversal of former President Trump’s Executive Order on requiring “classical” architecture for Federal Buildings and the … Continue reading

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Denying the Existence of Biological Sex is Now Mainstream

     The sympathetic magic that is transgender ideology necessarily involves denying basic biological reality, including by denying a word’s meaning and denying the meaning of words. The conflation of “gender identity” and biological sex was but the first step in denying … Continue reading

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None More Woke Than Nazis?

     What was once considered an evil to be stopped by the Civil Rights movement has become paragons of wokeness: Segregation and miscegenation. Case in point:      Now where have we seen that type of race concious relationship chart before… Oh!      Before … Continue reading

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Multiracial Whiteness

     “Whiteness” is posited as the underlying evil of American, and Western, society because it creates a “system of oppression” that “privileges” White people by oppressing non-White people. And what better example of that, according to a Washington Post op-ed, than … Continue reading

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Witches and Warlocks and Pumpkin Possums!

     If Alex Jones thinks you are a crazy conspiracy nutter… you might want to reexamine your life. "Witches and Warlocks and Pumpkin Po(p)ssums!" pic.twitter.com/7F2dwiuvSP — Political Hat Blog (@PoliticHatBlog) January 11, 2021 Tweet

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Lizard Squad Drains The Swamp!

     This propaganda truthful statement was obtained via a Senator after some type of “conversion” with Visitor Diana. Your human lawyer “Lin Wood” has been uncovering much corruption in your human governments including the schemes of vampiric pedophiles who even add … Continue reading

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Gender Madness In Congress

     The woke madness of degendering, regendering, or otherwise playing idiotic games with the English language has come to Congress; it is as stupid as you’d think it is.      The first measure was the introduction of House Rules that makes use … Continue reading

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De-Gendering Physiology In British Columbia For Abortions

     Remember when abortion was championed as the ultimate “women’s right”? If so you should check your privilege you “cis-scum”! But don’t worry, you can enlighten yourself with wokeness by reading about “Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services” provided for the Canadian province of … Continue reading

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