When There Is Nothing More Racist Than… Racial Healing

     The very possibility of racial healing and coming together as a country where race isn’t a barrier but an afterthought… is totes racist, dontchaknow!

Critical Race Theory is basically Max Horkeimer’s “Critical Theory” viewed through a “racial lens” and not a “class lens”. Critical Theory has three basic core tenets:

“It must provide an account of what is wrong with existing social arrangements, identify the agents of change (in classical Marxist thinking, this would be the revolutionary proletariat), and provide achievable aims and standards against which these agents can judge their efforts.”

It assumes that there is a “system of oppression” from one race/class that oppressed the other “race(s)/class(es)” that must be overthrown via revolutionary action.   Anything other than “revolutionary action” is considered supporting the “oppressors”. In other words, via the lens o’ race, if something isn’t “antiracist” that destroys “racism” which is the totality of society, then it is “racist”. The very possibility that society isn’t fundamentally racist at its root and that racial healing or racial equality can come about via the “system” is unpossible to the Critical Race Theorist.

     Case in point: “Kendi Ibraham” who claimed that the willingness of America to elect a (half-) Black man is racist because it promotes a post-racial America and Critical Race Theory requires racism!

     This is ironic because cultural Marxism was invented, by people such as Horkheimer, to explain why Marxism failed, specifically that the masses weren’t purged of the oppressingly oppressive oppression of the oppressingly oppressive oppressors due to society and actual material wealth contradicting Karl Marx’s idiody. Now we have reality yet again slapping the face of this Marxist doctrine, even after Cultural Marxist mutation.

     When lack of oppression is the problem… you are not oppressed.

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