The Neo-Marxist Paranoia Over “Fascism!”

     An author and professor, Jared Yates Sexton, wrote a long rant saying that opposing Critical Race Theory being taught in schools is totes literally “fascist” and Nazis are about to take over America. While this is histrionic nonsense, the way he lays out his argument is the same thing that children are being taught in schools and is the dominant narrative that more and more people are coming to understand as “the truth”.   It isn’t enough to just dismiss this as crazy and presume that most other people will agree without need to argue the point, this requires… a fisking.

A fisking! A fisking!

     Continuing on…

     Ironic, since it is the “1619 Project” and Critical Race Theory that is distorting history to fin a preferred racial narrative.

     No, it just banned making a hateful and racially essentially ideology mandated propaganda and prevents the schools from pushing such bigoted indoctrination.

     Critical Race Theory presumes that there are systems of “power, racism, and oppression” and that it is its job to uncover what is already there. It is the exact opposite of trying to find or understand the truth about the past.

     Critical Race Theory posits a conspiracy to destroy culture and establishes itself to “unseat systems of power”, making it clear that this tweet is just another example of projection. But notice what he did here: He intentionally brought in the “Jews”. While some anti-Semites are also anti-Communist, he is presenting without argument that opposition to Critical Race Theory is tantamount to literally Hitler.

     And right on schedule, the Reductio ad Hitlerum! He says this while ignoring how it is “Whiteness” is the “very vast conspiracy” posited by Critical Race Theory as an axiomatic fact.

     I bet he hates Pepe the Frog memes for the same reason.

     The Left in America is doing the same. Denigrating and opposing art that opposes the woke narrative, or even opposing art just because it was from some dead White person. And let us also not forget the tearing down of statues or memorials that are in opposition to the woke culture.

     Critical Race Theory is also a cult, and one that is consistent with “counter genocide“.

     He ignores that no one is calling for outlawing agreeing with Critical Race Theory, only that it not be taught as the gospel truth to children in public schools.

     Just like Critical Race Theory and its proponents have already done. Why, it is almost as if they are defending their own systems of oppression that are based in racial essentialism and racial discrimination!

     “Actual information and history was taken from students and it was replaced with propaganda”?

     That’s what Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project” are doing.

     That kinda sounds like the paranoia about “Whiteness” lurking everywhere. Of course, considering that the Soviet Union killed more people than Nazi Germany, and that the Soviet Union did indeed engage in these types of operations in the U.S. and elsewhere…

     Do notice how he inserted intersectionalism by basically saying that if you were worried about Communism, then you hated not only “people of color” but also women (even those who were anti-Communist), LGBTQ (who Communists also hated and oppressed), unions (many of whom were anti-Communists), and leftists (many of whom were still in that day and age classical liberals who believed in American values and were anti-Communist).

     This is the world view where if you say anything bad about the Communists, then you must be literally Hitler or something. This is, obviously, nothing compared to the racial conspiracy theories of “Whiteness” and “Systems of Oppression”.

     Except the Soviet Union did have spies who infiltrated everywhere and were working to undermine the U.S.

     See the dishonesty here. He puts together a skewed and one sided view of how America reacted to the very real Communist menace and blames… Americans who were rightfully worried. He then treats this as a perfect parallel with the Cultural Marxism of Critical Race Theory to paint anyone who disagrees with it as a neo-Nazi.

     The only reason to hide is if you were a Communist. And opposing a totalitarian ideology is not a “soft totalitarianism”, not then against tankie style Communism, and certainly not against the totalitarian ideology that is part and parcel of Critical Race Theory.

     Funny, though, how he missed the obvious and more accurate parallel of “silincing dissent” with today’s “cancel culture” complete with doxxing and harassment.

     Critical Race Theory is in opposition to what the Civil Rights movement stood for. The old Civil Rights movement stood for the idea that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Ciritcal Race Theory views everything through the lens of race and presumes that different races must be treated differently and that one’s race was the prime if not only relevant factor in how to treat an individual.

     The Soviet Union did try to push the Civil Rights movement more towards un-American radicalism, and that un-American radicalism was oppossed primarily by Civil Rights supporters who were also anti-Communist.

     Also, “Anti-Communism” ≠ “Fascism”. Perhaps this is a subconcious admission that “Antifa (AKA ‘Anti-Fascism’)” = “Communism”?

     Is he unaware that “segregation now, segregation forever, segregation forever” mentality is being pushed by the Left with Critical Race Theory as the justification, right?

     Is he unaware that the opposition to Critical Race Theory isn’t about a conspiracy theory but about what is literally be pushed in schools right now?

     No, the violence against Civil Rights protesters shocked and disgusted most of the country. It’s one of the main reasons why segregation lost (until now when it became woke). This is the justification Critical Race Theory uses to build a united woke front against “Whiteness”.

     Because Black Lives Matter is “ultimately focused on destroying America’s foundations, creating distrust, and ultimately leading to the end of the US.” Their statement of principles is pretty much all about that.

     Here we go again with the insinuation that opposition to Communism is solely motivated by anti-Semitism, and that only Nazis would have a problem with Communism or Critical Race Theory.

     Yet again, he is projecting your own ideology. It is Critical Race Theory that posits a conspiracy of one group that establishes its own unearned privileges by creating systems of oppression that keep down the rest of the population—which is the same core idea behind the Nazi ideology.

     The Nazis believed that the Jews created a system of oppression through which they ruled empowered by their unearned privilege, and that Jews collectively were to blame. Critical Race Theory presumes that same except with (((Whites))) in the role of the Jews.

     Opposition to this ideological belief, whether it be literal Nazis or believers of Critical Race Theory, is about as “anti-Nazi” as you can get.

     It is the already captured education system that teaches that Whites are morally culpable for some collective racial guilt, or that teaches racial essentialism and the inherent inequality of the races?

     It is a false dilemma fallacy to assert the only choices are White Supremacy vs. the collective racial sin of “Whiteness”.

     So, it’s only “democracy” when it results in the outcome he wants?

     No honest person who has read Florida’s rule, or the many other proposals in other states, could say that.

     The key part of the new rule in Florida just reads as follows:

“Instruction on the required topics must be factual and objective and may not suppress or distort significant historical events, such as the Holocaust, and may not define American history as something other than the creation of a new nation based largely on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

     This is not “White Supremacy”.

     Clearly he doesn’t even understand what Fascism actually is.

     Funny how it is he who is treating this as some type of “Reichstag Moment”.

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