The Need for Conservative Campus Teach-Ins

Doing the job that universities once did.

     Academia and American Universities more broadly, are ground zero for the Progressive attack on Western Civilization, “Kyriarchy”, and any semblance of sanity.

     So infiltrated are the college campuses of America, that almost every facet, from the administration, to professors, to the students themselves, is dominated by Progressive voices that seek to silence dissent.

     The students, who rather than acting like “young adults” are more akin to a modern day Red Guard, where victimhood is cultivated, enemies identified, and proper thought ensured by cult-like practices.

     This insanity is taught by an increasing number of academics who could never land a real job.  They teach about how “Whiteness” is evil, how their warped idea of “justice” is more important than freedom, intersectional oppression, and other naked propaganda.

     Their “research” is increasingly unmoored from reality, with such peer-reviewed publications touching on subjects like the glory of hobo pederasty, feminist mathematics, milk as a tool of oppression, and the mis-gendering of glaciers.

     All this is backed up by the college administrators who care only for Political Correctness, and the silencing of dissent, with mandatory indoctrination sessions:

“Incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will have the, er, ‘pleasure’ of attending the ‘Our Wisconsin’ program which is ‘aimed at increasing knowledge about cultural differences and promoting community.'”

     The common refrain of the Left is that “Systems of Oppression” were created by eeevil Whit “cis-het” X-tian men to oppress everyone else by getting them to oppress each other, and thus steal “unearned privilege” as part of some insidious cabal.

     This ignores the fact that the Progressive Left have total control of these institutions, and have made them into “Systems of Oppression” to oppress any dissent, and anyone who doesn’t try to “smash” their privilege.

     As the veritable Dave Burge noted:

     So, what then, can non-insane students do to fight this?

     Simple, just use a tool the Left itself used: The campus teach-in.

     While few professors would be tenured and beyond that secure enough to openly dissent, students can organize and bring in their own speakers and educators.  This is not to put all professors in a bad light, as many professors who are not Progressive have to protect themselves in order to teach what non-insane subjects or views they can, or to keep teaching non-political subjects non-politically.

     The subjects that could be taught are a myriad, but emphasis must be made on those issues that might sway incoming Freshmen, some of whom might be inoculated against the Progressive insanity.

     The goal is twofold: 1st, to dismantle at the root the basis of the Left’s beliefs; and 2nd, to provide an alternative worldview.  Superficial talking points must be eschewed. In both cases an in-depth inquiry, with as many primary sources as possible, will be necessary. In effect, it must be like the first major “teach-in” that was organized by the insidious Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) which was an event “attended by about 3,500 and consisted of debates, lectures, movies, and musical events” … abet with more of a YAF-esque orientation.

     Either on campus, or if barred by the nomenklatura trifecta of Progressive students/academics/administrators, than close thereto.  This does not need to be limited to large events, but can be made effective, for example, by small study groups educating themselves, sub rosa if necessary.

     The knowledge of a world and a worldview antithetical and anathema to the Progressive “truth” must be maintained and taught to future generations.  The light must be kept alive, even if the new renaissance be a dark one.

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