Storm Troopers of Political Correctness

     The University of California, Santa Cruz has established their own frontline Sturmabteilung for Political Correctness:

“UCSC’s Hate/Bias Response Team reviews all hate/bias incident reports and the appropriate member(s) will contact the reporter/victim, if this is desired, to provide support and offer referral to services. If enough information is provided in the report, the appropriate team member(s) will address hate/bias incidents as they are related to students, faculty and/or staff.”

     And, of course, like most places run by totalitarian minded twits, the students are encouraged to inform on the others:

“Members of the UC Santa Cruz community have been encouraged for several years to report hurtful acts expressing hostility or bias on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, place of origin, religion, and more, on the Report Hate website.

“Now, this online reporting tool is expanding to become one of the first programs of its kind to take such a proactive and comprehensive approach to hate and bias incidents. Students will be encouraged to report possible hate crimes directly to the UC Santa Cruz Police Department, and the Bias Response Team will be the first responder to bias-related incidents.

“Intentional collaboration forms the backbone of the Bias Response Program, said Sheree Marlowe, UC Santa Cruz campus diversity officer, who is leading the effort through the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI).”

     The collection of “incidents” would make the Stasi spin in amazement!

     Watch out!  Political Correctness is mandatory… or else…

     Hat Tip: The College Fix.

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One Response to Storm Troopers of Political Correctness

  1. avatar Henry Murray says:

    Students and faculty need to keep in mind that all alleged incidents are hearsay-not-fact- based and that people are protected, or at least they are supposed to be protected, by freedom of speech (1st Amendment Rights) and that if comments provoke rash hasty actions that lead to improper conduct or violence against alleged “haters”, which is more than likely to occur with gestapo tactics like this “new” campus police community the university will be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest the law allows. I recommend frequent “intervention” meetings to anesthetize possible inflammatory situations as an alternative to so-called reporting, unless it involves witnessing serious criminal activity like rapes.