News of the Week (May 28th, 2016)


News of the Week for May 28th, 2016


Election 2016


California Primary and Convention could both be “messy” for Democrats
And Operation Chaos 2016 may add to the mess!

Trump dumps on GOP Gov. Susana Martinez during New Mexico rally for some reason
Is there any conceivable strategic value to doing this? Martinez hasn’t endorsed him, has criticized him for what he’s said about immigration, and made a point of skipping his rally last night.

Clinton 38, Trump 35, Gary Johnson 10
Total fluke, right? Actually, no. This is the third poll in two months, per FiveThirtyEight, to show Johnson at 10 percent or better, which is unsurprising when you look at other data.

Investigation Uncovers Votes Being Cast From Grave Year After Year
A comparison of records by David Goldstein, investigative reporter for CBS2/KCAL9, has revealed hundreds of so-called dead voters in Southern California, a vast majority of them in Los Angeles County.

Report Finds Hillary Clinton Broke Federal Email Rules With Her Server
Will she keep lying?

The Marie Antoinette Socialism of Bernie Sanders’s Wife
Burlington College is a microcosm of Bernie Sanders’s socialism, including the way Jane Sanders cashed in while running it into the ground.

Is Trump outsourcing his campaign to … the establishment?
“The establishment” in this case is the RNC, which Trump not long ago derided as a prime culprit in the “rigged system” that, er, ultimately nominated him for president. In fairness to him, the RNC always helps the party’s presidential nominee with the general campaign.


Obama Scandals


20,642 New Regulations Added in the Obama Presidency
The tide of red tape that threatens to drown U.S. consumers and businesses surged yet again in 2015, according to a Heritage Foundation study we released on Monday.

Oops! NPR admits it did cancel interview with Iran-deal critic
National Public Radio admitted Monday that it did cancel an interview with Rep. Mike Pompeo, a congressional critic of the Iran deal, despite having told the Associated Press last week that it had no record of contact with him.


Gun Rights


Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activists
Film’s director: ‘I never intended to make anyone look bad’


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


New Mexico suing the EPA for $136 million
State seeks “climate justice” after EPA-caused disaster.

“EcoSexual” students at SMC “marry the ocean”
Earlier this month, a professor at Santa Monica College led students in an “EcoSexual Sextravaganza” in which participants “married the ocean.”



Government in Healthcare


InHealth Collapse: Immediate Aftermath
So I reached out (via email) to my InHealth clients today

Of Belly Dances and Obamacare
Quick update on how our tax dollars are being spent to promote and enroll people in Obamacare.


War & Terror


Turkey upset over images of US soldiers with Kurdish symbols
Turkey on Friday lashed out at the United States after images surfaced apparently showing U.S. soldiers in Syria wearing the insignia of a Kurdish group opposed by Ankara.




Female security guard arrested, faces hate charge for removing man from women’s restroom in D.C.
A female security guard has been arrested and faces being charged with a potential hate crime for removing a biological male from a women’s restroom in the nation’s capital.

Baltimore cop acquitted in Freddie Gray death
A Maryland judge acquitted Baltimore police officer Edward Nero of all charges Monday in the controversial case of Freddie Gray, whose death last year touched off sometimes violent protests in the city and reignited Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the nation.

“Trans-speciesism”: Tree huggers’ new progressive frontier
EarthFirst! is reeling from internal tensions just now as President Obama’s transsexual activists are on a witch hunt for those in the group not progressive enough on sexuality. A recent article entitled “Deep Green Transphobia” deplores leaders in the Green movement, a bunch of ecofeminists, who do not think “transrights” and “transinclusion” are fundamental to building a world worth living in.

School bans playground whistles: “Too aggressive, some children may be afraid of the noise”
A teaching assistant at St. Monica’s Catholic School in Buckinghamshire is speaking out after school officials banned employees from using whistles on the playground.

Oberlin Students: Replace Midterms with Conversations and Erase Grades Below Cs
Very reasonable. Student activists at Oberlin College are saying how frustrated they are that the school is making it so tough for them to be on campus – and that it’s so unfair that the school won’t heed their demands for how to make it easier on them.

Oberlin Students Want Below-Average Grades Abolished, Midterms Replaced with Conversations
“I literally am so tired of learning about Marx, when he did not include race in his discussion of the market!”

Study suggests targeting religious students with social justice rhetoric
A new study claims that highly religious college students would be particularly easy to recruit as social justice warriors, arguing for “educational” programs to promote their conversion to the cause.

Students demand expulsion, unpaid leave to punish “hate speech”
Protesters at Bellevue College are calling for the “expulsion” of students found guilty of “hate speech” in response to an alleged string of insensitive messages that appeared on campus over the past several months.<.p>

“Transmasculine” teacher gets $60K payout in part due to co-workers not using preferred pronouns
An elementary school teacher who identifies as transgender – specifically “transmaculine” and “genderqueer” – will be awarded $60,000 from Oregon?s Gresham-Barlow School District for “emotional distress” suffered at the hands of her fellow employees.

How The Feds Began Rewriting Title IX To Push Trans Policies
The Obama administration’s Title IX regulation changes are nothing short of an attempt to rewrite this venerable statute without congressional oversight.

Justice Department will seek death penalty against Charleston shooter
Dylann Roof, who shot and killed 9 people at an AME church in Charleston, South Carolina last year, will face the death penalty in his federal trial. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the decision Tuesday on the DOJ’s website

New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities
Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of which allow them to fluctuate between some version or combination of male or female identities.

U.S. government agencies are still using Windows 3.1, floppy disks and 1970s computers
Lawmakers push US agencies to replace outdated IT systems.

Right-to-work restored in Wisconsin while court mulls challenge
Wisconsin’s right-to-work law was reinstated Tuesday after an appeals court ruled that a lower court had erred in striking it down. The law’s fate remains uncertain as the state Supreme Court is expected to eventually rule on its constitutionality.

Coal executive gunned down in West Virginia
The former CEO of Patriot Coal was gunned down in a cemetery in West Virginia on Monday.

#FreeRebelPundit – arrested while filming leftist riot @Nero DePaul U. appearance
Black Lives Matters shut down Nero, police shut down journalist.

Freddie Gray: Cops Go On Offensive, Sue Prosecutor Mosby
Sergeant Alicia White and Officer WIlliam Porter sue Mosby for defamation, invasion of privacy

NY Times Transgender Columnist Was Accused by Wife of Rape and Abuse
In 2015, Jennifer Marie Russo sought a protection order against her estranged husband Travis Lee Stroud. Ms. Russo, a writer who uses the pen name “Juniper Russo,” and also known as Juniper Russo Tarascio, had married Stroud in 2013 and the couple lived in an apartment in the Chattanooga suburb of Red Bank, Tennessee. In a petition filed July 21, 2015, in Chancery Court of Hamilton County, Tennessee, Ms. Russo alleged that Stroud had engaged in “extreme verbal and psychological abuse” of her daughter from a previous relationship.

Fort Peck Tribe transgender bathroom policy modeled on North Carolina law
Tribal leaders of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation have adopted a transgender bathroom policy that mirrors the controversial bill in North Carolina recently opposed by President Obama.

How 1960s Radicals Ended Up Teaching Your Kids
Last week NYU Law announced that former Weather Underground member and convicted murderer Kathy Boudin would be a scholar-in-residence. She’s the latest in a series of former left-wing radicals with cozy university appointments. Michael Moynihan on how left-wing criminals ended up lecturing America’s college students.

Female student expelled for rape claims male filed complaint because friends “teased” him
Washington State University expelled a freshman female student two years ago after finding her responsible for sexually assaulting a male – and she claims that the complaint was driven by the man’s embarrassment.

Museum Goers Mistake Pair of Glasses for Art
Art is the eye of the beholder

Join the club: Northwestern plans to end freedom of association for most student groups
Northwestern University isn’t quite an Ivy League school, but it sure wants to be like Harvard with regard to its attitudes toward freedom of association.

How Many Transgenders In America? 0.006% = About 20,000. Total. [CBD]
Commenter Golfman provided this very interesting link: Interactive map: Census estimates for transgender population by state. A quick perusal of both the high and low estimates gives me a very rough calculation of about 6 transgenders/100,000 Americans. Following the link to the Census Bureau paper yields about the same number. And yes, that is a very small number. Assuming a population of about 320,000,000, that means that you will probably never meet a transgender, and if you don’t live in a particularly dense area you might not ever be within 50 feet of one.


Economy & Taxes


Liberals continue to cling to the idea of Guaranteed Basic Income
We’ve had a few discussions here in the past concerning the concept of Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI), though it comes under various names.

IRS Took $43 Million From Innocent Americans Under “Structuring” Law
Agency has yet to return funds, continues to harass small business owners




UK Labour suspends lifelong member for complaining there’s TOO MUCH anti-Semitism in the Party
As we’ve told you before, the UK Labour Party is having an outbreak of anti-Semitism. Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour Party leader, has announced he’s going to investigate this problem.

8-year-old girl attempted stoned outside shop in Sweden
One of those who were subjected to stone throwing outside the shop Hemköp in Borlänge on Saturday was an eight-year-old girl, writes dt.

5 Ways Capitalist Chile is Much Better Than Socialist Venezuela
The story of Chile’s success starts in the mid-1970s, when Chile’s military government abandoned socialism and started to implement economic reforms.

Has a Hungarian Physics Lab Found a Fifth Force of Nature?
Some theorists say a radioactive decay anomaly could imply a fundamental new force

Socialist Venezuela Goes Bust
Country sells remaining gold reserves as economy plunges deeper

Gay Australian Rugby Player Arrested by FBI, Sought Sex With 6-Year-Old Boy
The Bingham Cup is a tournament held every two years since 2002 by the International Gay Rugby Association and Board (IGRAB), and today marks the opening ceremonies of this year’s tournament in Nashville.




On @MattMcGorry, @MeghanEMurphy and the “Male Feminist” Problem
In case you didn’t know, Matt McGorry is an actor who, in March 2015, was inspired by Emma Watson’s “He for She” campaign to declare.

More Feminists, More Gender Theory
In response to Saturday’s post — “‘Feminist Motherhood’ and the ‘Transgender Kindergartner'” — Professor Donald Douglas of American Power complimented me that my “range of citations is extremely impressive.”

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism
White people are being asked—or pushed—to take stock of their whiteness and identify with it more. This is a remarkably bad idea.

Anti-Male Propaganda: Understanding Feminism’s Use of Atrocity Narratives
In the pre-dawn hours of a January morning, Colin Kingston, 24, crept into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Annese, 21, and stabbed to death both her and her new boyfriend, Matthew Hutchinson, 24. Kingston then committed suicide. The New York Post reported

My Dad Was Transgender. Why I Still Think Gender Can’t Be Changed.
Maybe parallel universes really do exist. Maybe, as my husband and I hiked through the deep, dark forest a few years ago, we somehow crossed through a portal, a stargate into another dimension—a universe that, superficially at least, looks quite similar to the one I’d known most of my life.

Things the World’s Most and Least Privileged People Say.
“My diet is making me lose a lot of weight!”

Feminist @Kat_George Can Read Your Mind, You Heteronormative Misogynist
“Stacy, where do you find all these crazy feminists?”

Oberlin Is An Insane Asylum
Everybody’s talking about the new Nathan Heller piece in The New Yorker, profiling the new left-wing student activist generation at Oberlin College. And boy, is it quite a read. You can read it and guffaw at the crazy Social Justice Warriors, but there’s something deeper going on there (and on many other campuses).

Dear LGBT Community, Resistance to Your Community Has Nothing To Do With Being “Phobic”
I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the accusation thrown at me.

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