Political Ploys Are Born This Way

     The statement that homosexuality is always an unchangeable trait was a prerequisite for protection under “equal opportunity” laws, such as those that covered race and sex.

     Later, the transgender movement pushed the idea that the brain and the body didn’t have anything to do with each other, and thus the gender/biological sex divide.

     But with the former being normalized, and the later a fait accompli, it is no longer necessary to require either sexuality or gender to be innate, as opposed to “social constructs.”

     Indeed, the dismissal of biological sex as merely something doctors “assign at birth” creates the following paradox: How can one be biologically hardwired to be attracted to one sex or the other, when biological sex does not biologically exist?

     The answer is that, because protections based sexual orientation have become to intertwined with social sentiments against “discrimination,” the actual justification of sexual orientation being innate and hardwired in the brain is no longer necessary, or even useful:

“Adults choose who to have sex with, how to have sex, where they have sex, and the frequency with which they have sex. Libidinal desires may exist beyond our control, but we do very much have control how we act upon those desires externally in the world with other people. To put it personally: ‘I just don’t fall into a vagina and stay there,’ is how I jokingly explain my belief that sexuality is a choice. I am drawn to women and will happily talk about scissoring and other exquisite lesbian stereotypes, for sure, but there’s not an inescapable magnetism forcing me to leech onto women.

“This position flies in the face of the accepted narrative within gay circles that have adopted the phrase ‘born this way’ for social justice and moral justification, as well as for political expediency. (Although, according to the most recent PEW Research data from 2013, I am one among the 42 percent who believe ‘being gay or lesbian is “just the way some choose to live,”‘ as opposed to 41 percent of those surveyed who subscribe to the ‘born this way’ argument.) I am an atheist and harbor no religious ascetic values like shame or guilt about who I have sex with or how I have sex. In terms of American politics, because our rights and laws are predicated on socially sanctioned identities, sexuality has been conceived as an ontological trait or biological certainty. Take the relevant example of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This federal law targeted a specific group of people. Consequently, we have had to work within America’s paradigm of identity politics to prove we are collectively oppressed in order to obtain equal rights.”

     And, of course, this is determined by Feminism:

“Despite the necessity of identity politics in procuring equal rights, I understand sexuality to be a choice through feminism. With roots in materialist, ethical and existentialist philosophies, my feminism draws from Nietzsche, Kant, Sartre and Foucault; Beauvoir, Audre Lorde, and Barbara Johnson.”

     Whether gender identity or sexual orientation is hardwired or a choice, innate or a “social construct,” is irrelevant to the Left.  It is whatever they need it to be to achieve their aims of upending society.

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