Axis of Oppression

     Yet another example of the madness of academia and the credentialed ninnies who declare who is axiomatically and eeevil oppressor, and who is a morally-pure victim of oppression.  Yup, do to good parenting, a good education, and genetics that you had no power over, you are either have “Domination” over others or are oppressed by it.   Why, if you happen to be pretty, than you are evil and have unearned “attractive” privilege which oppresses the unattractive.  If you are a native English speaker, than you are oppressing non-native English speakers you linguistic oppressor you.  If you don’t have disabilities than you are oppressing the disabled by simply not being disabled as well.

     Ironically enough, the ones at the top of the “Axis of Oppression” are the “Credentialed” who use “Educationalism” to oppress the “Nonliterate”… just like those Social Justice Warriors of Academia!

     At least they got one thing right…

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