Anti-Racist Education Comes To San Diego

     San Diego Unified School District has decided to embrace “anti-racist” education principles including achieving “racial equity” in punishment and grading to end “inequitable” practices—with such policies seemingly designed to harm children of all races.   Be it a national lab or a kindergarten, more and more public and private institutions are peddling the same “racial justice” line with the same phrasing, same goals, and same avenues to indoctrination.

     Case in point: The San Diego Unified School District’s “Building Anti-Racist & Restorative School Communities” school board workshop.

Building Anti-Racist & … by ThePoliticalHat

     It contains the same tropes we’ve seen before including using the term “Latinx”, assuming causation from correlation, emphasizing and affirming “racial identity” (and other intersectional identities) above all else, rewriting taught histories, using race as an excuse to exclude unwoke writers, the assumption that unequal outcomes are caused by intentional discrimination, “restorative approaches” including “[i]mplementing restorative justice practices”, and “interupt[ing] disproportionalities with restorative practices”.

     Looking over the slideshow, one part stood out: “Social Justice Standards from Teaching Tolerance”.

     Aren’t these some broad academic terms or theory in relevant college departments?

     Nope, it is a private company that not only makes bank off of teaching this divisive and hateful nonsense, but one of a growing number of repositories of racial studies majors and post-graduates who are too extreme to be directly hired by even public and woke private institutions and companies.

Social Justice Standards fr… by ThePoliticalHat

     Going beyond human resource departments and lawsuit-wary companies, these “anti-racist” companies are the conduit through which the cancer that is woke academic madness metastasizes throughout society, targeting the most vulnerable and impressionable amongst us: Children.

     Even taking your children out of public schools, keeping them out of college, or avoiding any career that necessitates the good graces (or at least membership fee) of some public or private association in order to operate, will protect you and yours from these peddlers of intellectual poison.

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